Eternal Strands, coming from Mike Laidlaw and a bunch of former Bioware and Ubisoft folks

Looks a little like Shadow of the Colossus and Immortals Fenyx Rising kinda squished together.

But is it a Strand game?

I think it’s a Strahd game.

It’s a gritty reboot of Tangled.

They should have gone with something innovative, like a survival crafter. We need more of those.

That trailer makes it look like a Dragon’s Dogma or Monster Hunter. But I’m not sure, since I haven’t played either of those franchises. But climbing on top of big monsters reminded of them.

Pfsh. With an industrial pedigree like this, I expect something groundbreaking, combining the best the two companies have to offer, in an innovative, never-seen-before package. Some groundbreaking. Something irresistable to todays terminally online nerds.

Mark my words…



I think it would be more original if parties of monsters climbed you.

If only we still had likes…

The Monster Musume franchise is → this way.

I was thinking more…


but whatevs.

I think there’s a word for that…

You play a preset character in this, the one in the trailer. Many folks are happy with that. I’m in the “No character creator, (probably) no buy” camp when it comes to RPG’s.