Etherlords 2: the other Strat First game!

Well, since GalCiv is getting all the attention around here lately (and right so), I thought I would mention another upcoming game that I might like. According to GI, Etherlords II will come out in April. Can anyone confirm that? I thought the first game had a lot of promise. The card battling was great, IMO. But the strategic map was terribly done. You could only do ONE thing per turn, no matter how much movement you had. So, if you wanted to gather a resource, it took you a turn (per hero, that is…they each got a turn, but you usually wouldn’t have more than 5 or so). Even if you were one step away…that was it! Your hero was done for that turn.

Still, the game had potential. The monsters were varied and there was real strategy to the card battles. I am looking forward to the sequel because I am hoping they will fix the things that kept this from being a great game. It really could have been terrific. It’s turn-based, and similar to HoMM in many ways. I think it is a series that could do well amongst hardcore gamers at least, andpossibly bring in some of the casual gamers that are hardcore card gamers.

I am looking forward to it, too. I waited on the first one, but once it dropped to $14.99 I picked it up. I really enjoyed it, but I am not so sure I would have for the full price.

I did not mind the small number of “cards” which some have complained about. It made it more of a strategy-chess battle rather than coming up with some grand combo or having to shuffle through 150 cards. Sometimes less is more. Would chess be a better game with more pieces and a giant board…nope. The overland map was just a puzzle. Do things is this order and you would win. It wore thin quickly, but the RPG elements helped a bit.

Hopefully, Nival’s focus, which is more on the RPG side of things this time around, will make II the game I had looked for in Etherlords. I think they are getting rid of the overland map. Not sure if I like that or the heavier emphasis on the RPG elements to the detriment of the strategy elements. Guess we’ll see.

That would be me