Etherlords II Beta test

I know I saw a few of you who admitted liking the first fun, but flawed Etherlords, as well as some who were looking forward to this “listened to the fans and made it all better” sequel.

The Beta test was just announced so I guess we know why the release was delayed until September. Could I ask that just one game I am looking forward to finish on schedule? It seems like a lot to ask of a hard working developer, I know, but dammit!!!

Anyway, here’s the link if anyone is interested.

are there more cards? If not then don’t even bother.

I wasn’t talking to you. Stop hatin’ on EL!

Well I rather liked Etherlords, so you know Cathcart must hate it as well.

I also liked etherlords. It had a nice style, and the gameplay wasn’t TOO tedious.

I also liked etherlords. It had a nice style, and the gameplay wasn’t TOO tedious.[/quote]

The overland map was mostly puzzlicious, but I still liked the game as a whole. A lot of it has been revamped. Here’s hoping its for the best.

I am a self proclaimed CCG-aholic and the mechanics in EL that were similair to that genre of gaming made it a shoe-in for me. Hell, I still play Astral Tournament. I even downloaded the big-ass MtG file and sat through the big-ass update, but I am afraid to hit the “Create Account” button. Let’s hope I can wait out the itch or simply hit “Uninstall” instead.

I’ve always been very impressed with Etherlords. Apparently, Wizards or somebody else is, too, since they’re now trying to copy Fishtank’s design for their own computer game. :)

What I particularly liked about the first game, above and beyond the gameplay itself, was the attention to detail in the graphics and animations. The game still looks like a million bucks today, and it’s obvious that it was put together with a great deal of love and care. EL was no cynical, throw-something-together-and-shove-it-out-the-door product. Moreover, Fishtank has listened closely to their fanbase and unceremoniously dumped what we didn’t like about the first game in favor of a more fluid and rewarding RPG-like design for the second. I can’t wait.

EDIT: “Fishtank” for “Nival”

Every time I see “Etherlords” I think it has something to do with like – the mystical people that created the Great Ethernet or something.

Its one of those game titles that just doesn’t make me in anyway want to learn more about it.

It has 12 cards and 11 of them are shitty.

more cards.

The overland map was absolute crap. The idea of making you stop every time you grabbed a resource or ran into a fight was stupid…even if you had only taken one step, your whole turn ended. That was a bad idea. However, the fights themselves were interesting. I did not feel it needed more cards actually. I didn’t use most of the ones it DID have. It was kind of like Astral, actually. The game became MORE strategic and less luck because there were fewer cards to mess with.

Tyler and I like this game…anyone who doesn’t better STEP UP! And bring some friends, if you know what’s good fer ya!

Agreed. The map was crap - but I loved the fights. I really enjoyed being whatever the mechanical race was. The chick with the sawblade hand, damned cool.

We had a talk about amounts of cards in our Astral Tourney Roundtable discussion at Levitateme. Of course, many miss the deck building capabilities in Astral Tournament. I really like the idea of the fixed amount of cards as it is not quite as random and you can prepare for what may be coming from your opponent with what you have been given. It becomes a bit more like chess than playing a hand with the deck building capabilities of MtG.

The Etherlords’ system struck a nice balance between the two. You started with few creatures, could search out a few more, and none of the different race’s creatures could be mixed together. There was hand building, only with a much more limited number of options.

Well, I have beat this horse to death. All I have to say in defense of Etherlords II is that it will be better than the last and cannot be as bad as Empire of Magic (That’s not saying much, though :wink: ).

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I hope Etherlords 2 doesn’t have as much colorcoded decks as the first one. In the first Etherlords you usually had to stick with one color decks. a hybrid deck, most of the time, was usually weaker. I like a ccg with hybrid strategies in a deck… like MtG.


That must be it! You know, Hitler used to call people communists too… ;)

He didn’t like Etherlords much, either… ;)