Etrian Odyssey 4: Etrian's Revenge

Demo’s up on the 3DS store, amigos. Initial impressions: purdy art, nice music, and they have thoughtfully included non-pedophile character portraits for the western market. Don’t know much about this one, so I’m going in dry! So to speak.

Curse you Mark L for making all these posts and reminding me of all these games I was thinking about buying! Curse you!

And by that of course I mean ‘thanks for the heads up’. I was alway fully on board for more Etrian Oddessey. Fire Emblem, maybe, maybe not But EO, hells yeah.

I still need to actually finish EO 3 at some point, I keep getting far, want to try out a brand new party and start over. This time I’m actually close, at the final boss as we speak so I may be able to get it done before EO 4 comes out. Still going to download the demo tomorrow to check it out.

I’m looking for some sort of Dungeon crawl for the DS. I completed EO2 and I thought it was really good.

I’m looking for recommendations. Should I buy EO3 or is there some other better game out there that I don’t know about?

And NO I played and didn’t like Tensei Devil Survivor.

EO 3 was really good. There is the game: The Dark Spire published by Atlus. But it is even more old school then the EO series, you can’t see your position on the in game map without using a skill for example. EO 4 is coming out in 20 days if you can wait that long

Did you mean Strange Journey? If not, then check it out. I loved Shiren the Wanderer quite a bit. That’s a must unless you hate roguelikes.

I’m using a DS and EO4 is only on the 3ds.

I’ve seen some of Strange Journey on a Giant Bomb quick look. That actually looked pretty interesting. Is it better than EO3 though?

The Dark Spire: Jeez the lack of a map kind of scares me.

Maybe I have the map thing wrong after re-reading what you wrote. So there is a map just you don’t usually see your position?

I can definitely vouch for Strange Journey. Easily one of my favorite RPGs on DS.

The Dark Spire wasn’t very popular (even for a niche JRPG), and for a long time it was easy to find for as little as $4 at GameStop. Don’t know if that’s still the case.

Yah, I might actually go with Strange Journey over EO3 because I don’t think I really want to mess with drawing my own maps again.

I did try Shiren and found it to be decent, but some of the mechanics seemed to cry out for explanation or checking a wiki which I didn’t want to do.

So, what are the classes this time around? From what I can find online, they appear to include archer, vampire, belly dancer, and magical schoolgirl knight*.

*For the record, I almost wrote “magic knight rayearth”, but figured, you know, too much.

Fightin’ Leader guy, slam dancer/jailbait, shadowy shadow man, mage what also gives elemental resistances, tank, healer, Capt. Ranged DPS… think that covers the basic classes. Did I miss any? There seem to be locked ones, too.

The game gives you a map that is filled in as you explore. But you can’t write anything down on it. And your position by default doesn’t show up on it.

Regarding Strange Journey it is another great RPG, I believe they used the same engine from EO 3 for it but I’m not completely sure. It is a different style compared to the EO series as it plays similar to Pokemon in that you recruit the monsters to form your party instead of creating a group from the start.

Bleh. I barely get 50% of the way through these games before I bail, but every time a new one comes out I always get intruiged again, and usually end up buying them eventually. It’s happening again. I’m thinking “well, its been a while since I dungeon crawled…and it is the first one on the 3DS, so that’s new…”

I think I usually screw up my builds so that I usually stop just as my party becomes useless.

SMT: Strange Journey is fine, it’s exactly what it says on the box. I actually got to the end of that one before the final boss one-shotted me and I was all “fuck it” and stopped playing.

I’m the same, but EO4 actually has a second “casual” difficulty with slightly easier battles and if you TPK you respawn somewhere. Designed for a faster game for those that don’t have the time for a full on experience. Best of all, you can change betwen normal and casual after you start, sounds like. I’m starting on Normal, but if I start getting frustrated it’s nice to know I have a second chute.

Wassup, got-to-the-last-boss-in-Strange-Journey-and-quit buddy. Which path were you on? I was on the Chaos path, and really enjoyed the game tremendously right up to the last boss.

Haha, I don’t even remember, its been so long. Probably neutral, since that’s how I roll in SMT games. Human self-determination 4 lyfe, yo!

So, while the game is still not out, I am reading that the save file for it will carry over. Thus I am trying to not be too haphazard with my party. At this point I am running:

Landsknect (attack passive)
Fortress (taunt and auto taunt)
Nightseeker (dual wield)

Medic (heal, patch up)
Rune master (ice rune, ice lance)

Besides the above I grabbed the class proficiency and harvesting skills for each guy. What are others liking so far?

I am the same way on EO. That said, it is also the only portable console game (besides MHFU) that I have enjoyed and played not only for many hours, but also chunks of hours at a time. So “finishing” is not really a worry for me as I just enjoy the build up from nothing. If I peter out at 50 hours or whatever, so be it. I still had fun.

As to the 3ds one (going by the demo) I think the 3d is especially painful and just not well done at all. The hallways especially bother me as there seems to be no proper view angle that doesn’t leave the little weeds a frustrating blur. However, I do really like the on the field graphics for the FOEs (rather than just a glowing ball) and had a lot of fun playing with a 7 year old over the weekend who jumped or fidgeted every time a baboon or such walked by. Also the animations on the enemies have bumped up from non-existent to moderate, which while not necessary, is quite pleasing. I look forward to release.

Wait, people actually use that 3D slider on their 3DS? I don’t think I’ve activated it once since I got mine.