Etrian Odyssey (NDS)

Crap - sorry, thought I had included the spoiler part!

Wondering if this may be a good RPG indoctroduction for my kid (pushing 11). She and her friend were having fun watching me play LOTRO last week, but of course something like this lacks the cinematic thing.

The game is old school hard, meaning you can have your party wipe within 10 minutes of the first floor like me. I’ve never played any of the rogue style rpgs before, would this be a good introduction to them?

This game is pretty hard core. My recommendations would be Final Fantasy 6 (GBA), Mario & Luigi, or the new Pokemon.

Speaking of how hardcore the game is, how often and where can you save? If I’m constantly going to lose 5, 10, 20 minutes of progress, I won’t like the game.

You won’t like the game, you are going to loose progress, you can only save in town. The manual mentions that you can save at something called geomagnetic fields, but I haven’t run into any yet.

You don’t loose your map when you die though, so if you’ve done a good job of charting things out, you can skip all the dead ends and such.

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Edit: Angrycoder, learn how to spell “lose”, you ass!

Yeah, you are right, I won’t like the game.

I’m having some problems ordering this.

More or less the only site i found was Barnes&Noble, but then the shipping alone was $35. Ouch.

Do you know any other sites where I could order this?

Or, if you are going out to get this for yourself, could I ask any of you to buy an extra copy and send me one?
I’ll of course pay you back immideatly, via PayPal or any other way you like.

Please PM me.

you can only save in town.

The shop stocks a reasonably cheap “warp back to town” item. You can’t use it in the middle of a battle, but it’ll get you out of trouble anyplace else.

General question for y’all - which do you prefer: the Etrian Odyssey death-method or the Izuna method, where you keep your experience but lose all of the items and money you had on you? Both are harsh … and I love both!

I too like them both, but the Etrian system feels a bit less punishing. With Izuna one needs to pay attention to which items you’ve tagged to be sent to storage and how much you have on you and if you have a spell that let’s you warp out of the dungeon, etcetera and etcetera. In Etrian, if you’re reasonably cautious, you can avoid losing large chunks of playtime (note: you can choose to preserve your drawn maps). Between the chance of fleeing a battle, and the warp wire that pops you back to town, the Etrian system feels about right for me.

This game actually looks… fun.

What store has this? I’ve only found one of these in the wild, and I’ve never seen one for sale in town. I’m already on the third level of the dungeon as well…

The shopkeeper has them under ‘Items’.

I’ve been playing for a few hours now, I found three foes on the second floor but my guys aren’t strong enough . My main team consists of a Lansksetch, Survivalist, Dark Hunter, Alchemist and Medic. I have 4 other guys that I’m going to use to grind out loot.

edit: To get the shopkeeper to sell the town transport items, you need to complete the first mission get the reward and talk to her, not the buy or sell option but the talk option

Semi Spoiler:

When you accept a quest to deliver parts for the hand axe, are you able to complete the other quest to get 7 soft furs?

Amazon has this at

You can get some kind of deal with Izuna too, but I didn’t check on that.

Edit: Are the dungeons randomly generated?


I did the seven soft furs quest before the hand axe one. When I had gathered seven furs in my inventory, I got a message that the quest was completed, went back to the pub, and turned it in.

Don’t forget to ‘Talk’ to various people when you visit town …

Amazon doesn’t have it. Availability: Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks. Ships from and sold by Gift-wrap available.

The dungeons aren’t random.