Etrian Odyssey (NDS)

The only way this game could possibly be better is if it had baths with boys kissing.

I need no other game for the next couple of months.

How storyless is the game? More or less than Izuna? Izuna was fine by me. I don’t need Final Fantasy-esque cutscenes to outstrip the random encounter rate but I like there to be SOME context to things.

There’s a labyrinth, you need to explore it, thats about it for the story.

Hmm, this is what my screen says:

Availability: In stock. Processing takes an additional 3 to 4 days for orders from this seller. Ships from and sold by J&R Music and Computer World.

Not weeks. I guess I could have said it was available on to be precise, sorry.

I ordered it from gamestop earlier today… says it ships within 24 hours and I haven’t gotten any emails saying otherwise (yet).


I loved mapping. A game that wants to help me map rather than doing it all for me is soooo up my alley.

Original flash of the FOE song. This is so awesome. :D

And here’s another bucketful of craziness from IOSYS.

That makes me really want to buy this game

I agree. You must have it. It brings back so many fond memories of mapping for my grandpa.

Seriously, game of the year for me.


Yeah since the hand axe quest requires hard shells and hard wood I believe.

There are no Gamestops or EBs near you guys? I did a zip code search and pretty much every single location within 50 miles of me has copies of this in stock. Granted I am near a fairly big city but it seems like most stores got at least 1 copy.

Here’s a few things I figured out to make the game even more streamlined:

When selling items in the shop, you can press “y” over an item you have multiples of. It will ask if you want to sell all of that type.

Holding “a” down during combat makes combat go by at twice the speed. Really good for plowing through low level mobs when going through older areas. And especially nice for speeding up spells that effect the whole group. Also, holding down “a” when selecting orders quickly selects the last commands you gave your team… or, selects attack on the first monster if it’s the first turn.

I played this game for 5 hours straight last night, making this the only portable console game to ever take over my on-commute and at-home gaming time. It’s an amazingly addictive and polished experience. If you like RPGs at all, you must get this game.

I got mine at GS as well.

This one is in a strip mall and used to have two of the smartest and nicest store people ever, but since the GS takeover is full to the brim with mindless tools.

Anyway, I went in and asked if they had EO and the PSP Harvest Moon and he was all reproachful about me not having pre-ordered … then checked and found that none were reserved. But of course I should have pre-ordered anyway. What a prick! So then I said I might get one more game and scanned the counter and had him check reservations on other new games such as ‘Touch the Dead’, ‘Resident Evil 4’ PC and Shrek 3. Surprisingly none of them were reserved! (which counters what another GS tool had said the last time about no PC games coming to the store without preorders). I bought my two and left …

Another thing is that you can still draw on the map while battling which is nice if you don’t want to hold down the A button. Or if you want, you can do both.

Oh yeah, I always finish up my map before giving commands. But that’s a great idea… give the commands, then as the combat is executing, finish up the map.

You got me itching to buy. But what’s the save game situation? I know there’s no quick save, but can you save mid-level or only out of the labyrinth?

Well, after the endorsement in this thread, the review by Skip at 1UP, and this GameTrailers video preview on YouTube, I’m sold. Going to go out this afternoon and see if I can find a copy. Looks absolutely wonderful. Thanks for the heads-up.

Thank you for mentioning that. That should save some time when I have 10 soft furs to sell. I just reached the third floor and I have to run from the foes there. I can beat the first type of foe now , and the 2nd type required some luck. Right now my problem is getting money to equip/heal my 2 groups. For the early part of the game should I just worry about 1 group until I finsh the first 5 floors?

One question, do spells that increase or decrease group stats, like the troubletour or survivalist skills stack? For example if I use the spell that reduces the accuracy on enemies, does that get more potent with each cast?

They are having a good time with it over at OO too

I only kept one party of 5, with no “gathering” party. The game is tough, but I was able to heal and buy return wires every time I got out of the dungeon. Sometimes you’ll have to go to floor 1 to get a few more drops to sell to heal. I’m on level 4 now, and my party is kicking ass at this point.

Not sure about stacking. They may… I notice enemies casting protect on themselves more than once. If you press “y” while you’re in combat, you can see all the buffs that are on the current character.