Etrian Odyssey Nexus - Party of Five


Best Buy has it in stock.

Looking forward to this one, but haven’t even opened my copy of EO V. Come to think of it, never finished IV. But I love these games.

The 3DS was the system for JRPGs, especially with DS backward compatibility. Glad it is going out with titles like this and the upcoming Persona Q2.


I have also played every game in this series and never finished any. But damn if this doesn’t hit the itch again.

Scott or anyone, does this include the little story vignettes in the dungeon the way V did? I thought that was a neat addition.


Are you talking about like when you come to a dead end (for example) and it says “check” and there is maybe a little creature hoarding nuts and you can choose an action, and then after the action a little story beat plays out and you could get rewarded (or something bad can happen) and you get a little XP? I think that’s what you mean, and yes, totally, all over the place and they are awesome.


One more question, is this an extension of the Untold EO games, or the “normal” series.


Yes, and thank you for describing that much better. In V I seem to recall they added the wrinkle where it’s a skills check and if you have different party members you get different results or something? Maybe I dreamt it.


Normal series, self-contained.


That rings a bell with me also, but I haven’t seen it happen yet in EO:N. I’m very early days though.


Maybe I should just keep playing V and get this when it gets a bit cheaper ;p


I didn’t think 3DS games ever got cheaper.


That’s honestly a fine solution - V is my all time favorite in the series so far (but I’m exclusing Nexus from that calculation obviously, I’m like 2 hours in - so far it may be even better though).

And @divedivedive is right about it not getting cheaper, really. I doubt it will ever be less than $40, and you’ll likely have to buy it digitally down the road, anyway.

I also wanted to mention I literally JUST came into an event that has an option for me if I had a Medic in my party (which I do not, sadly). So yeah, they definitively put some class specific stuff in here.


Enjoying your posts explaining the way your party works, Scott!

Really this game is about building an engine and throwing it against ever increasing and changing challenges. I love the game design at work here. The classes are just clearly meticulously wrought to fulfill different roles in different ways, and it’s up to you to assemble a crew that works together. They’ve done a fantastic job of both allowing for and shattering the traditional DPS-Tank-Healer-CC paradigm. Different classes can fill different aspects of those roles in varying situations, without forcing them to commit to those skills at the expense of others. You certainly can’t have everything you want, but somehow, you get what you need :)

In my group’s case, it works like this:

I open up with an array of status ailments. Nightseeker blinds, Harbinger paralyzes, Ninja sleeps, Arcanist paralyzes. I’m looking here to knock out enemy actions and set up afflictions for the rest of the battle. After that, I look to do damage, healing and debuffing with my Magus, and debuffing or adding to DPS with the Harbinger as appropriate. The Ninja starts damaging and, why not, goes for some leg binds too. I paid the four points that let her hit with full force from the back row.

Still thinking about whether it works well enough. Tweaking here and there. I have nothing like 100 damage to both lines, though! That’s amazing!


EO V dropped down to $30 in a few places (got it at Beat Buy for that much last year). The Radiant Historia remake is also $30 and i rhink i got Shin Megami Tensei. iV Apocalypse for the same price.


LOL okay, well I guess after 3 years it might get $10 cheaper, sure. You got me, I was wrong! :)


Yeah, you’re gambling that they won’t just end the print run after initial stock sells through and you’re unable to find a copy anywhere but eBay at a premium.


Second stratum boss took absolutely everything i could muster, but I finally brought it down. Third is actually a breeze so far, my party seems very well tuned for it.


I’m finding some of the regular enemies hit so hard they can one shot my Arcanist in the back row, which causes me to immediately have to retreat as who can afford 300 for a Necter!? Last time I played I saved the game, walked into a dungeon (B3F) and bam! Giant baboon hits my Arcanist and kills her, first fight. I just reloaded. I am level 12 now, and can take on a single Bear FOE enemy reliably but it takes all I got to do it. I did beat the first mini-boss type (Berserker) and am exploring that third floor. It’s going slow, I wonder if I shouldn’t update my party to try out something new in the Arcanist slot, but she’s my main healer and her Circles are super handy (especially the one that binds arms)!


Hmm, gotta say, that’s gonna come in super handy. Dudes you’re up against love exercising their right to bear arms.


6 hours in, Lab 1 down, halfway through level one of Lab 2. Hasn’t been too bad, got wiped once early on, but I haven’t played an EO since maybe II and I have no idea how any of the systems work. Lab 1 boss was not too bad, sustain was not much of an issue, so it was just a matter of grinding away and dealing with the de-buffs.

Rolling with a Pugilist, Hero, Ronin front line and Arcanist. Medic back line. Only problem is the back line does practically no damage on off-turns when they have nothing better to do, but such is the life of a support, I guess? I think I have them both with wands though…will staves help with that?


Not really. Melee damage from the rear is halved, and they are awful at it to start.


Digital though. Just get it from the eShop.