EU QT3 WoW Guild?

As there doesn’t seem to be one is anyone interested in making/joining one on one of the new EU realms?

I’m not going to move my Level 60 off Hellscream, but I could move my druid or, dare I say it having whinged about levelling, roll a new alt if people predominantly want to play Horde/Alliance etc?

Hellscream eh. We face a lot of Hellscream premades - you Horde or Alliance?

I’m in a long-term cool guild on Magtheridon but I’d probably stick/move an alt to any QT3 EU guild just for the fun of it :)

I’m alliance and in a similar position guild wise, and likewise I’d move or roll an alt on a server with a QT3 guild/set one up if the interest is there.

I have 2 level 60s in a Thunderhorn guild. They’re a raiding guild but I joined as a casual since I know the majority of the guild and I can get into raids if I want to.

But I’d be up to rolling an alt to join a QT3 EU server, though I’d prefer if it was horde since both my level 60s are Alliance. I’ll swing whichever way you guys go though.

Works for me, not played horde at all yet.

No doubt we’ve ganked each other on the battlegrounds a few times then :)

Shame, my Orc warrior alt is on Hellscream. My main and main alt (both lvl 60) are Alliance, but on Aggrammar, which is not eligible for the current transfers.