Eugenics Backer Causes Stir in Tenn. Race

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) – Republican congressional candidate James L. Hart acknowledges that he is an ``intellectual outlaw.’’

He is an unapologetic supporter of eugenics, the phony science that resulted in thousands of sterilizations in an attempt to purify the white race. He believes the country will look ``like one big Detroit’’ if it doesn’t eliminate welfare and immigration. He believes that if blacks were integrated centuries ago, the automobile never would have been invented.

He shows up at voters’ homes wearing a bulletproof vest and carrying a gun, and tells them that ``white children deserve the same rights as everyone else.’’

Despite his radical views, Hart may end up winning the Republican nomination because he is the only GOP candidate on the ballot in Thursday’s primary. His presence in the campaign has embarrassed Republican leaders, who were blind-sided by Hart after they didn’t bother fielding a candidate. Democratic Rep. John Tanner has held the seat for 15 years and is considered safe in November.

I gotta give the Repubs a little credit here. They aren’t publicly supporting this nutcase.

Hey, they’ve got a big tent too!

I hope he wins. Wouldn’t you love to see the publicity it would get, each time stating “Newly elected Republican congressman”? :wink: