Euro 2020 - Match Discussions

We can use this thread to get all spoilery about games while keeping the main Euro 2020 thread free of spoilers for those who may be recording the game to watch after work.

The first and only game for today is Turkey vs Italy. It does seem like Turkey will be in for a hard match against the Italians. I would think a draw would be absolutely huge for Turkey.


I have an unhealthy love for Giorgio Chiellini but how is Giorgio Chiellini still starting for Italy?

Heh, he and Bonucci, combined age? 70.

I might drive my Passat off a cliff if I ever have to see that remote controlled ball delivery ID4 again.

Chiellini looked 50 the day he was born.

Live footage of this game

I love how the commentator (Taylor Twellman?) keeps calling them “The Turkey.”

And I thought it couldn’t get worse after seeing The Edge unconvincingly pretend to play guitar in front of Bono as a Force ghost.

Oh, you know that’s going to be in every match. VW paid way too much money for that to be a one-off.

Turkish defence appears to be made entirely from hands.

You’re running. Where are you going to put your hand?

WTH was that Italian corner nonsense? LOL. I think I’ve seen that in pee-wee games.

Being offside at a corner is a special kind of set piece.

It was definitely something. On a pass that traveled all of about 3 feet.

How can you be offside in a corner? The ball starts at the goal line.


Turkey did score!

That poor guy didn’t even need to do that. There was no Italian behind him.