Euro 2020 - No Match Discussions

It’s June 2021 and that means it’s time for Euro 2020! The first game will be Turkey vs Italy on Friday at 20:00 GMT-0.

You can find the schedule of games here. UEFA’s site.

You can find the groups and standings here. Again, UEFA’s site.

We should have another thread where we can live comment on games in case anyone is recording them to watch later. I would think it’s fair to comment on results a day or two after the game has happened. That should give everyone time to have watched what they wanted to and not have anything spoiled.

BBC Chart of the groups and how they will progress through the Last 16, Quarter Finals, and Semi-Finals.

I don’t actually care who wins, I only want to bask in the hilarity of Germany failing to advance out of the group stage two times in a row.

How dare you! :)

thanks for the links, marquac!

What can I say, I’m a romantic ;)

Happiness is simple for me when football is not coming home.

I hate the timing of this first match. It’s on June 11, and if I get Youtube TV starting today, then by manually counting days on a calender, day 30 of a one month membership would be July 10th, the day before the final. So if I want to watch the final, but only pay for one month of membership, I have to start the membership tomorrow, I think. But Italy vs Turkey sounds like a great matchup. On the other hand, watching the final sounds enticing too. I was hoping the final would be on ABC, but no, it’s on ESPN.

Don’t miss it!


It will be interesting to see how expanding to 24 teams affects things.

I always enjoy the Euros and find it fascinating that despite some considering it the harder tournament to win over the World Cup (as in its 16 team configuration the Euros has a higher average level of team), relative minnows like Greece and Denmark have won it. I worry that the added teams will reduce those things happening, but more games to watch is good I guess.

Edit - I am a complete old man and forgot that the 24 teams started last time around. Yikes

Just start your membership tomorrow, find a stream online to watch today’s game (there are plenty of good websites up there, and I’ll be happy to provide you with one by PM if you want). Plus, I don’t see how Turkey could possibly do anything against Italy (which is one of the favourites in the competition).

I’m gutted Iceland is not part of it. They had such a great run five years ago!

I’m going to create a thread for match commentary in a couple of minutes. Just a reminder to anyone who still wants to enter the pool or wants to change their picks, you have about 40 minutes left to do so.

I double checked my pics today and


I watched the Italy-Turkey match on ESPN’s app this morning. No spoilers. But I was really amused that Italy has a player named Immobile. (He’s not actually immobile though).

It seems that, despite buying a cable package based purely on the best value broadband speed not giving a crap about the TV channels available, I’ve lucked into having ESPN. So all I have to do to see England’s first game is be up at 7am.

I hadn’t realized until yesterday that this is Finland’s first major tournament. They’ve been seriously trying to qualify for either the Euros or the World Cup since the 90s, and they finally made it. Nice. So North Macedonia is not the only newcomer.

Sorry for taking so long everyone, I haven’t been feeling very well the last few days. So we had 13 people enter the pool. I broke this down into three group of four and one group of four. In the group of four I will offer a prize of $40 for second place to make up for the fact that it will be tougher given that there’s one more player in that pool.

Here are the groups:

Group A:

Loke Utgaard rowe33 Dissensus
France France Belgium
Portugal Belgium Spain
Denmark Italy England
Netherlands Netherlands Netherlands
Germany Germany Sweden
Switzerland Switzerland Switzerland
Croatia Croatia Croatia
Poland Ukraine Ukraine
Czech Czech Czech
Austria Austria Austria
Slovakia Scotland Scotland
Scotland Finland Finland

Group B:

CraigM Seppey Thraeg
Belgium France Belgium
Spain Belgium Portugal
England Italy Denmark
Netherlands England Netherlands
Switzerland Germany Germany
Sweden Wales Switzerland
Croatia Croatia Ukraine
Ukraine Poland Poland
Czech Czech Czech
Austria Austria Austria
Scotland Slovakia Scotland
North Macedonia Scotland Finland

Group C:

Chappers Jack Howitzer AWS260 triggercut
France France Belgium Belgium
Belgium Belgium Portugal Spain
Italy Italy Denmark Italy
England Netherlands Netherlands Netherlands
Germany Germany Germany Switerzerland
Switzerland Wales Switzerland Sweden
Croatia Croatia Croatia Croatia
Poland Turkey Turkey Poland
Austria Czech Hungary Czech
Russia Austria Russia Russia
Slovakia Scotland Slovakia Slovakia
Scotland North Macedonia Finland Finland

Group D:

Rock8man Canuck rho21
Belgium Belgium France
Spain France Belgium
Italy Denmark Italy
Netherlands Netherlands England
Germany Germany Germany
Sweden Sweden Sweden
Ukraine Croatia Croatia
Turkey Ukraine Ukraine
Czech Czech Hungary
Russia Austria Russia
Slovakia Scotland Scotland
Scotland Finland Finland

Hmmm, nice. Turkey, Spain and Slovakia are my differentiators. Go Turkey, Spain and Slovakia!

I love how 11 of 13 people picked Scotland and Croatia.

12 of 13 picked Belgium.

Those are the most common picks.

I’m surprised to see only 3 people picked the defending Champions, Portugal.

For ELO groupings, Marq has them in a group with Belgium, France, and Spain.

You can only pick 2 of those teams.

Now look at the real-world groups that Belgium, France and Spain play in. And now look at the real-world group that Portugal is in.

I mean, maybe it works out for the folks who picked Portugal, and it’s entirely possible that those of us who left them be have overthought it. But those other three sides seemed both like the most likely to score more wins in the group stage, and also more likely to advance to the knockouts.