Euro 2024 starts 6/14 - Including live match discussions




Watching the Guardian live text updates here at work.


England are on the brink of the final after a wonderful goal from Ollie Watkins! Palmer, on the right, threaded a good but simple pass into Watkins in the area. He had his back to goal, with De Vrij right behind him, but in a flash he turned and rifled a stunning low shot into the far corner. The angle was really tight – too tight really – but Watkins nailed it.

England up 2-1.

Well look at that :)

Ooohhhh England versus Spain is going to be mad.

Maybe you could just agree to share it?

England’s Taylor Swift is there in the shape of Ipswich Town’s Ed Sheeran.

90+4 min Who writes Gareth Southgate’s scripts? All the criticism of his passivity, and the two substitutes combine for the winning goal.

Shock - England showing that they can actually play football. Imagine if they had been playing like this throughout the tournament.

But - apologies my English friends - I’ll still be rooting for Spain on Sunday. Mostly because they are the best team in the tournament, but also because I suspect a win for England would solidify Southgate football for another generation (if it isn’t already), and that would be awful.

“Can’t draw pictures on your scorecard…” as they say…

Nice interview with Kane, but I have to laugh at the entire “foreign soil” thing that he (and I assume the English media) makes so much ado about. Almost every Euros and World Championship is won by a team playing on “foreign soil”… playing at home is an advantage, but teams that intend to win perform regardless of where they’re playing.

120+3 of a 0-0 final, Southgate brings himself on and scores the winner in the penalty shootout to complete his story arc.

Not in Englands case, we have rarely achieved anything on foreign soil in major tournaments…

The final is the occasion that I wish football gambling is legal in my country. England have everything to batter Spain in the final. Just like the past winners such as Greece and Denmark, they will sit back, playing hoof ball and lumping balls up to the big man and taking long throw-ins and their tiki-taka brains won’t be able to handle it. How can the English here be so pessimistic? Come on, you Brits got this, man.

Long years of experience.

Precisely. Spain may be the better team but England will bring them down to their level and beat them through experience.

TBH - England has definitely shown me something in this Euro - an ability to score during the course of play and not being 100%+ dependent upon set pieces and penalties.

On the other hand, Spain has started to add finishing to their scintillating play.

The Killers pause their concert to watch the end of the England-Netherlands semi-final.