Euro Truck Simulator 2: Slow Ride

Ok so now that 1.4 is out of beta it also supports VR. You do this by selecting the VR codebranch like you would opt in on a beta. Also add the appropriate startup modifier. -openvr if you are on a G2.
Now boot up the game. Hey! My VR isn’t displaying! No, not until you click drive it isn’t.
But once you do, its nirvana. So good. I did about 2.5 hours of it this evening and loved every minute of it.

So that’s how the other half lives. ;-)

(envy envy envy envy)

Assume I’m An Old who gave up on trying to make games work long ago (good assumption) but who has a Rift2 and a steering wheel. How arduous is it to get going?

NM: Powered through, quite fun! Still need to dip into the deeper controls.

Also: How badly do we need a Smokey and the Bandit version of this? Answer: Quite badly.

Clarify. The game is pancake until you are actually driving, that is, in the menus and such? Previously you could get menus and so forth in VR by pressing F11. Is that no longer the case?

Haven’t tried. Mayhaps?

Seems to still be. Had to do the dance of Steam, headset, settings, do it all again but I got it going with a Thrustmaster wheel and pedals. If a near-50 can do it, it’s not that hard. Quite pleasant gameplay too. Dicked around with F11 and everything for probably 30 minutes before I figured it out.

Also, steam says that Iberia will be released next month.

Yup, F11 makes the menu screens work in VR. Huh. On the one hand, it would have been nice to know. The game did not advertize this capability at all. On the other hand, it’s neat to be at least able to do your admin stuff on a flat screen. I wouldn’t mind having that ability in DCS or Il-2 at all!

So, F12 to reset head position. Muy importante!
F11 to bring the pancake stuff to the headset.


Renault’s new trucks will have their first public reveal in-game.

Neat! The Renault T has been my truck of choice for a while. I like the modern-looking dashboard layout. Not a big fan of its default engine options, but mods easily fix that.

Oh, that’s quite cool about the VR stuff. I’m going to check that out, thanks!

I’m really enjoying the 1.40 upgrade as well. The new lighting system is a quantum leap forward.

Taking a load of prosciutto to Salzburg…

Iberia DLC will be released later today:

Viva l’Espagna! I hope it’s sunnier and more “fun” country to drive than Bulgaria which I found rather depressing.

Is it weird that ETS2 & ATS expansions are pretty much the only video game things I buy the instant they release?

Iberia is out! And new DLC means a new event. Usual rewards, paint job and cabin accessories.

I was planning to go around Spain today, but got some payment issue on Steam. I’ll have to wait, I suppose. :(

Its absolutely gorgeous. I have never been to Spain, but the way the regions different landscapes are represented is beautiful. There’s a huge number of cities and destinations. Definitely worth the 18 bucks imo.

Yeah, I fixed the payment issue, got the DLC, and got to Barcelona and some other city last night. I’m very impressed.

These days I tend to wait for the new DLC to go on sale before buying. Especially now that I have Flight Sim as my podcast game.

My wife and I took part of our honeymoon in Spain. We spent a few days in Barcelona, and then drove along the southern coast. So, looking forward to digging into this DLC.