Euro Truck Simulator 2: Slow Ride

Oh hell yeah - this sounds vastly preferable to the (apologies to the creators, but it’s true) janky TruckerMP setup.

Ah the CB Radio craze. I was still a teen but it was crazy how suddenly everyone wanted one and was talking in CB-speak.

Scuttlebutt is DAF’s newest will be coming to ETS2.

I picked this game up in the recent Steam sale for some silly cheap price. Oh God it’s got its hooks into me deep. It has that Civilization style “just one more turn (trip)” feeling. I added all my favorite London radio stations and I’ve been cruising around listening to BBC Radio 1. It looks great too for an old-ish game. I tried it out for a few hours and had so much fun I bought all the DLC so I guess I’ve got a lot of content to check out. Awesome :)

My brand new truck (still paying her off)
Scania Streamline Normal

One of us! One of us!

Woohoo! :D
high-fives you

Probably because they keep upgrading the engine! They just added SSAO and completely reworked the lighting system. Not too long ago they did a complete rework of sound (which also made it possible to roll your windows down, woohoo). They rework older maps periodically as their designs improve.

I love it when developers do that. I just came off a massive No Man’s Sky binge. You can tell sometimes when a game is a real labor of love. Awesome :)

Here’s a couple of (probably not so useful to QT3 but… eh) things I’ve been tweaking my setup with:

I really like running all my games in borderless windows so I can alt-tab quickly and easily but Euro Truck Sim doesn’t support this - boooo!. So I use an Autokey script to achieve the same result.

1: Turn off full screen in the graphics options of Truck Sim
1: Install AutoHotkey -
2: Create a new text file called borderless.ahk with the following content:

WinGet, WindowID, ID, A
WinSet, Style, -0xC00000, ahk_id %WindowID%     ; Remove borders
WinSet, Style, -0x40000, ahk_id %WindowID%      ; Including the resize border
WinSet, ExStyle, -0x00000200, ahk_id %WindowID% ; Also WS_EX_CLIENTEDGE
WinMove, ahk_id %WindowID%, , 0, 0, A_ScreenWidth, A_ScreenHeight

3: Right click and run the script
4: Press F12 when the game is running to make it a borderless window (or any other game you want)

Here’s my list of UK radio stations for use in game if anyone would like them too.
They are all official streams so they shouldn’t just vanish anytime soon.
1: Edit the text file “My Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\live_streams.sii” and replace the content with the following

live_stream_def : _nameless.1f6.0916.9c50 {
 stream_data: 13
 stream_data[0]: "|Smooth Chill|Chillout|EN|128|1"
 stream_data[1]: "|BBC Radio 1|Pop|EN|128|0"
 stream_data[2]: "|BBC Radio 2|Pop|EN|128|0"
 stream_data[3]: "|Heart|Pop|EN|128|0"
 stream_data[4]: "|Heart 80s|Pop|EN|128|0"
 stream_data[5]: "|Heart 90s|Pop|EN|128|0"
 stream_data[6]: "|Capital|Pop|EN|128|0"
 stream_data[7]: "|Smooth UK|Pop|EN|128|0"
 stream_data[8]: "|Classic FM|Pop|EN|128|0"
 stream_data[9]: "|Magic UK|Pop|EN|112|0"
 stream_data[10]: "|Magic Chilled|Chillout|EN|112|0"
 stream_data[11]: "|Absolute|Pop|EN|112|0"
 stream_data[12]: "|LBC|Talk|EN|128|0"


I’ll update this with new stations as I add them :)
If anyone has requests for other UK radio stations give a shout.

I’ve been playing for about a year now and yeah, the game progression is constant. The newest update adds multiplayer, and they’re constantly reskinning or redesigning older areas of the game to bring them up to date with the newer DLCs. I just recently started a career in ATS and that’s the same sort of fun.

Events are also fun too. There is one for Idaho going on now in ATS…

DLC is on sale, including Road to the Black Sea at 70% off, or since I have everything else in the Map Booster bundle, a further 15% off. Hard to argue with £3.43.

Woah. Apparently ETS is automagically synced up to my case RGB. When I get a speeding ticket I get flashing blue lights.

You almost make me want to turn traffic infractions back on. Almost.

That’s amazing.

Update 1.423 is out for both games (@Telefrog noticed the ATS thread already)*

  • Ownable dump trailers
  • Lyon revamped
  • pile of new viewpoints
  • most tollgates reworked

And more!

*I wonder if there’s value in merging the threads…

Christmas event should be just a few days away, too!

I purchased a dump trailer in ATS, but the delivery payouts were … not inspiring. I parked it at my garage and went back to what I was doing. Usually the money wouldn’t be an issue, but I’m still at the point in the career where I’m trying get the income flowing.

(Not to be picky, but it’s 1.43 that’s out.)

Not sure about ATS, but in ETS2 I seemed to get the best payouts with a refrigerated trailer. Shipments of medical vaccines and medical equipment were very lucrative. Anyone know if the cargo types similar between the two games?

Vaccines, yes, as well as dynamite in ATS. Because 'murica. :)

I recently got my first trailer (reefer = refrigerated) in ATS because it was the most widely recommended all-purpose trailer for things like vaccine and dynamite.

Also… the Christmas present deliveries during the event last year paid incredibly well too. And they will be everywhere.

Update 1.44 is now out.

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