Euro Truck Simulator 2: Slow Ride


Oh that would rock.


This is the website SCS registered back last year.


Ok so I got this while on sale. I couldn't resist!




Yeah, you can adjust the levels in the audio options. I had to turn the music slider way down low to get some good engine/ambient sound effects. It's not ideal but it's better. The problem is when I cut to the outside cameras (or lean my head out the cab) the engine gets really loud.

What I couldn't figure out was how to get a livestream of KEXP working. I think I found the right streaming link and then edited the livestream ini file and it seemed to appear properly in-game, but it wouldn't play. Had to settle for mp3's. :/


I tuned into a French station last night because my girlfriend loves French shit. The station's next song was "Blame it on the Boogie" by the Jackson 5, and it made everything click. I still have that station on when I play. :-)


I was travelling and missed the steam sale. I am sad. :(


Driving a big rig?


What I couldn't figure out was how to get a livestream of KEXP working.

Alt Tab. Go to KEXP website. Click on livestream. Alt Tab.

I don't get why people are so hung up on the in-game radio. I mean, it would be a nice feature if it was convenient and played nice with lots of radio stations, but it's vastly simpler and you have much more choice just having them running in the background on your PC.


I said travelling, not haulin'! :)


cough cough


Why, thank-you my good man! Key provided even activates on Steam. Joy!


Oohhh, I wasn't sure if it gave a steam key! Awesome!!!


I've been texting and driving and getting away with it.



Stop that, that's dangerous!


"flyingelvis" may soon be flying for real! Does the simulator contain any mountain roads that you can fly off of, because you were too busy texting to notice? :)


I need to see if i can make it work with my Logitech f700 gamepad in an other way than that i'd like to describe as "horrifically bad". Steering with the keyboard sucks at high speeds.

I got docked for running a red light. Love it. I need to set up my real computer and get this thing cranking, but even the laptop ran it well.


Gaaaa! I don't need a new game right now, but you guys are driving me crazy by making it sound so fun. Is there a demo for this thing? Maybe that can tide me over till there's a 5 dollar Steam sale.


There is a very robust demo that lets you see a good chunk of the game and go up to level 4. It totally convinced me to get the full version.


I can totally second this: I've had fun with the demo for weeks. In fact, as stated above, I only actually bought it now because I felt they deserved it, after all the fun I had with the demo.