Euro Truck Simulator 2: Slow Ride


Also, the marked white space you are backing into will turn green once you are positioned well/straight enough. The tractor unit needs to be aligned as well as the trailer - ie if the trailer is well positioned, but the truck is at a greater than moderate angle - no dice.

Edit - And for shame for not installing rFactor.


Actually what I had mentioned would be not a city driving sim but an inter-city one set in Europe where maybe you had to deliver fancy cars without damaging them, while avoiding traffic and cops.


That would actually be really cool!


I have a Class A CDL and used to drive these things for a living. Several of the trucks I drove IRL responded like this, even without a load. The less-powerful trucks do have a fade effect going uphill (not enough horse/torque) and 5-10mph drops are common,most had speed limiters set @ 65-70 mph, and none of them will accelerate worth a damn. It sounds like the game is rather realistic and is consequently intriguing me now.


Thanks for your explanation!


Oculus Rift is coming very soon!


Holy. Shit.

I'll confess, I splurged on a Dev kit kind of on the assumption and hope that this game would get Oculus support.


Oh jeez. My already feeble resistance to stumping up for an Oculus Rift dev kit is crumbling. I wonder how it feels, though, with the way looking backwards out the window works in ETS. Maybe they'll change that specifically for OR.


This is the game that finally convinced me to get a 360 gamepad. It arrived today, and wow it's perfect with this game.


That's fantastic. Out of all the people on here, with your love of space games you probably use a joystick more than anyone.

And the game that finally gets you to upgrade to a modern joystick? A truck simulator.


Whoa whoa whoa, let's not get nuts now. ;-) This gamepad is awesome, but it's no joystick. ;-)


I'll be casting this for the next couple hours with some truckin' music and a hick accent. C'mon by!


It's the new esport.


Looks like you missed that turnoff at Mannheim.


Nice, deanco, this is funny. Kinda stuttery, is that you or me? Oh, and how do you get the little chat window up there?


Stuttery is me, and it is ruining my life. i7 2770K, 8 gig RAM, GTX 650, SSD, 5 meg up fiber, and it still stutters. I have tried everything under the sun. Of course on my screen it's smooth as butter. Xsplit support refused to acknowledge there was a problem, and since the same thing happens with OBS, I guess they're right. If anyone has a bright idea, I'm all ears, because I just spent a bunch of money to get a smooth stream at 720p 30fps and it was driving me fucking bonkers until I finally gave up.

For the chat overlay, look here:


Sweeeet, thanks! Good luck learning how to stop the stutter.


I tried the demo a bit this weekend. It's pretty fun, but I realized I don't know anything about European road markings. While sitting at a traffic light, a fine popped up for going the wrong way; what I thought was a divided highway was actually a two-way street. It didn't help that a car turned left and pulled right up to my bumper. I got another fine as I backed up for space to go around him.


Oh bugger, seems I missed the stream. Why can't you guys play at times convenient to us on the other side of the world? It's almost like you're trying to be inconsiderate on purpose! ;)


Yeah, for some reason in (at least certain countries in) Europe they don't seem to do the yellow intermittent stripe when the other lane is for oncoming traffic. Don't know why that is. Every once in a while you'll see a sign that shows a black outline of a car on the right (in Germany) and a red one on the left, which I assume means that the oncoming is on the left, or could also mean no passing in a particular spot.

BTW, has anyone figured out how one is supposed to cancel a turn signal (after changing lanes, for instance)?