Euro Truck Simulator 2: Slow Ride


Press the button/key again.


Yeah I had the stuttery problem, the way I stopped it was to switch off my network connection while playing. Seems drastic I know but it certainly reduced the stutter by about 95% on my laptop. From what I've read it seems to be some sort of problem that only affects the steam version of the game. Strange, but maybe it'll get patched soon, fingers crossed.


Right, it means "no overtaking".


Just picked this up at the GMG sale.

Some thoughts so far:
* Next to Chris Robert's Star Citizen, this my most wanted game for using a Oculus Rift.
* All other driving simulators will now feel like arcade games.
* Why can't more games have realistic nighttime effects like this with high beams, low beams?
* I have a Thustmaster Ferrari driving wheel. Its nice, but aren't there any wheels that don't have the gear driven ratchety stiff feel to them?

  • I have a Thustmaster Ferrari driving wheel. Its nice, but aren't there any wheels that don't have the gear driven ratchety stiff feel to them?

Yes there are. My G25 does not feel like that. Nor does my Fanatec Porsche (from memory). It can feel like it when they are not turned on, but I turn the centering effect way down so you are not always fighting the FF, which is what I find contributes to that ratchety feel - it frees up the wheel nicely.


Yes I see it in the specs. The G27 uses helical gears instead of straight cut gears. That does seem like it would help.

I am surprised that there aren't any popular non-force feedback wheels that are focused on precision and smoothness. The last non-FF wheel I had used the joystick port! Maybe we need to wait for the Oculus Rift before simulators become mainstream enough to increase demand for these sorts of peripherals.


A big patch dropped last night. Lots of balance changes and better mod compatibility.

◾The speed limiter can be now disabled in Options screen.

Aw, yisss.


Disable the speed limiter?? Oh no..... That would destroy the whole concept of the game!? Damn, I wish they hadn't done that, even though I wont use it myself...


How does it ruin the whole concept? If you disable the speed limiter, your truck becomes extremely unstable at above-limiter speeds, resulting in incredibly expensive crashes. The risk-reward of disabling it is pretty well balanced from my experience. Having the limiter is more of an aid than an impediment.


No Oculus support yet, I am disappoint... :(


Has anyone out there found mods that put the real branding on the trucks (like the Mercedes star, for instance)?


Plus I expect you'll end up just getting fined for speeding a lot more often...


Plus I expect you'll end up just getting fined for speeding a lot more often...

Not really. You don't get fined for speeding on the motorway, just in tunnels and in cities. But the stability thing is huge. Money-wise, disabling the limiter isn't worth it.


Well there's at least a few speed cameras on some motorways because I just a minute ago got fined on the A 5, half way between Frankfurt and Mannheim:


Yep, there is more than a few around.

Try this or this, both on the official forums.

Project Realism is interesting, from memory you can select which bits and pieces you want to install.


So I just bought this today. I thought this was supposed to be a relaxing game. Man, trying to park a trailer sure is stressful. It took me longer than the road trip to get properly backed up into the correct spot. And this was all done using the external camera. No idea how someone can park using the view from within the cab. I should probably watch some instructional truck driving videos or something.


It ruins the concept in the sense that it is suppósed to be a slow ride, and the limiter forces you to accept that. Without the limiter, you will just be busy controlling the rig at the highest maintainable speed, instead of steadily driving to your destination. It adds a concept of haste to a game that is, IMO, great because you dón't hurry... This is very much not a need for speed game, so I don't see why they accomodate people who do feel the need to go faster.

Then again, it's an option, you don't have to use it, so why not add it and see if it will get you more sales? Fair enough :-)


It really is quite possible to get this right while only using your mirrors. Main thing is you line up as straight as possible to start with, so you don't have to make huge turns which block your mirrors. And then you just make small adjustments, usually in the exact opposite direction of what feels right. With some practice, you can get quite good at it, and the satisfaction when it works is great! :-)


You make a good point. I see the option as more of something that you can use when you just want to mess around.

BTW that's the first time I've seen someone use acute accents (instead of italics) to indicate emphasis in Englsh outside of a dictionary. Do you speak or write Spanish by any chance?


No, not Spanish, I usually write and speak Dutch. And I never knew the use of italics indicates emphasis in English, thanks :-)!