Euro Truck Simulator 2: Slow Ride


So, I just realized that this came out January 2013...and is therefore eligible for my top 5 list for 2k13. I may have to revisit my calculations...


I played around with the demo, what is it you like so much about this game? Do you like trucks, or just that it is a low key, relaxing activity you can chill to while still playing a game that gives you an objective to achieve?


For me, it's extremely immersive and relaxing. There is also an Elite-like vibe of discovering new cities, and acquiring money and experience to make your rig run better or to start a business and hire other drivers.

The main draw is that I love driving around Europe... it's almost a tourist type vibe for me. That said, I'm not nearly as excited for Eurotruck 3, as it will take place in the US and I'm sick and tired of driving around in the US.

I don't find trucks compelling in the least... they just happen to be the vehicle provided to me to explore this amazing world the developer created.


It's detailed, relaxing, compelling and engaging thanks to its money-making and RPG elements as well. Integrated radio is also a lovely little touch. The fact that it's also gorgeous really helps.


I'd also add the the early-game skill curve is pretty nice too.

You spend the first couple hours in the game learning the controls and desperately trying not to smear little fiats into paste as you maneuver the huge rig around. By the time you get used to the controls and start to realize that your truck is underpowered and you can't possibly make the more lucrative runs even at maximum speed, you have enough to upgrade your vehicle to something that can. Many hours in and your are upgrading the truck up to a level of performance that your skill can handle rather than just struggling to un-gimp a hobbled vehicle. I appreciated that feeling.


Yeah. The cab of a truck is just too big to reproduce even with a wide-screen triple monitor set up. I had to go in and change some POV settings to make it work adequately, but I still have to use mouse-look to get to some of my mirrors.

VR tech is the way to go here, for sure.


As the description says, it's not compatible with other map mods, so if you have the one that adds southern Europe, you'll have to remove it first. It's also a good idea to back-up your Profile folder before installing any mod, so you have a restore point in case any mod screws up your save files.


I'm not using any mods at all, so this'll be a learning experience.


I just played the demo and am contemplating the full version in the Steam sale (really shouldn't, as I busted my game budget for the month already...). I'm wondering--and sorry for being lazy and not reading through the whole thread--what everyone uses to play this game with. I don't have a steering wheel. I assume most folks are using a gamepad? I had to mess with the sensitivity of my Xb360 controller, but I pretty quickly managed to get the vehicle under control.

I do really like the experience and I'm intrigued by the levelling and upgrading paths. I had a truck driving game called Crosscountry USA for the Apple II and I remember just loving the experience of that game as well, and never being sure why.


I use a Logitech G25 and TrackIR with everything set to manual. I've yet to plug the Oculus in and give that a crack, been waiting for support to be better implemented.


G27 and TrackIR.


A 360 controller, and about 10 minutes setting the controls the way I want (default layout is not that great).


I just got a Logitech G27 (from my Mother-in-Law, of all people), and it ups this already-incredible game yo new heights.

Amazingly, a friend has just loaned me his Oculus Rift dev kit, so I'll be hooking that up today to check it out too.


Make sure you give the SCS Oculus thread a read.


Thanks! I suspect I will be visiting that thread often.


I bought this, I'm so ashamed..... I spent a lot of time in Europe over about a 10 year period, so driving around is pretty amazing....haven't gotten into the game part of it much yet, but looking forward too it. This is one of those games I saw on steam for a while, and always got a chuckle out of....what kind of rube buys this thing????.....I guess I am that rube.


I bought it too. So far, I'm not impressed. How come trees always look so ugly in driving games? Plus the scenery/buildings so far seems very generic.


My guess is they don't use SpeedTree (the standard industry middleware for trees) for performance reasons. Plus they figure no one will be looking carefully at the trees - which is absolutely true of the typical driving game, but maybe not so true of a truck driving game.


What's your problem so far? How are you driving, with a controller?

You have to kind of be in a certain mindset - it's not a race, the joy and excitement of driving a big rig through a vast countryside is the enjoyment itself. I find if you have all the assists on, then some of that enjoyment (and challenge) is gone and the game can become less engrossing. However, turning all the assists off if you don't have a wheel can be a challenge.


Well, just completed the first 3 runs on my new Walter White'ish trucking company "meth runners" really adds to the immersion that there is an avatar that is a spitting image of Walter White lol. It also gives me leeway to drive like a maniac and not worry so much if a few eggs get broken along the way...

I'm in the empire building business!!!

I'm approaching the game as a kind of Smokey and the Bandit meets Breaking Bad...having a blast so far. Speaking of elevator pitches for new movies....hmmmm...