Euro Truck Simulator 2: Slow Ride



♪♪ “I got a long way to go, and a short time to get there. We’re gonna do what they say can’t be done!” ♪♪


Now that song is gonna be stuck in my head for the next 3 days.


Some routes are a lot better scenery than others. There are times you’ll see hundreds of trees on the screen, so they can’t make them look too good…

The towns are mostly all generic (apparently improved with the DLC). I liked it the best when I was completely free of distractions and turned on european radio stations. Took me at least an hour to start enjoying it though… I think almost all my early time was spent frustrated trying to park, turn & yelling at speed limit signs I didn’t see soon enough. :)


I don’t remember the setting I had to change when I tried the demo. Before I changed it the game looked pretty bad. I changed it and it looked much better.


I managed to get my pal’s Oculus Rift hooked up to my main machine properly, and after screwing around with some demos briefly, I decided to hook it up to the Main Event.

First, thanks to Sharaleo for pointing me to the place that I would have had to have dug up myself – your post probably saved me a half hour of messing around at a minimum.

Second, holy galloping crap! That was quite an experience. I didn’t screw with all the options that they recommended since I was in a hurry to get cracking, so much of the text was unreadable using the Rift, but the feeling of being in the cab of the truck was amazing: looking to the side as I turned, turning my head to look at the side-view mirrors, it was an incredible (and also vaguely dizzying) time. I can’t say it was quite as much fun as “normal” ETS since it was blurry enough to take away the joy of the scenery, but you can certainly see that in a couple years this will be THE way to play any and all simulation games.


This is the one thing on the current Steam sale that got me to bite. Too lazy to dig back through the thread (also, the answer would probably be outdated), so let me ask now: has anyone been gripped enough by the game to have dipped toes into modding at all?


Oh, snap! A large patch dropped on Tuesday for this. Tons of great AI improvements for traffic.

Check it out. The cars now react to stalled vehicles, turn signals, and horns.

Lots of fixes to models and routes as well.


Official (non-beta) support for the Facebook Rift yet?

Edit - yes!

[li]Oculus Rift support (with the -oculus launch option - this will be improved in the future), now also in the retail version;[/li]> [/ul]


New update! Steam is patching my game as I write this. I’ll have to hook up the wheel again and check out Venice.


Haha, Tom’s been sucked into ETS 2. Nerd!


Excellent game. Put on the radio, pop open a beer and then a chill night run across northern europe.


Better late than never! Tom’s review:

I love that he’s finally been sucked in.


I saw my first traffic accident last night , ok, I saw my first traffic accident I did not cause. A three car pile up in front of me. One veered into another (didn’t check the mirror as he changed lanes) who then swerved into a third car. Looked very cool. There was not enough stopping distance but I managed to steer the truck just enough to slip through the carnage and slip by on the inside lane.



Nice review from Tom, but I saw that he played with the keyboard and a controller. I tried that for about 20 minutes before I gave up. Then I went and dug my old Logitech MOMO wheel out of storage. It’s a different experience playing ETS2 with a force-feedback wheel. You can feel that Volvo engine rumbling at idle (a good speaker system with a subwoofer helps). Proper accelerator and brake pedals are awfully nice too, given that I’m not just breaking every law and threading through traffic ala GTA or SR.

For a while, I was actually thinking about going full-nerd and picking up TrackIR. For a trucking sim.


I can imagine it must be pretty nice to rest your wrist lightly on the wheel as you drive in that “too cool for 10 and 2-o-clock bullshit!” way. I have a wheel in the garage that I think would work in my PC, but I’m not that hardcore yet. Of course, I see that they’re experimenting with Oculus support, and that’s the first time I’ve sort of mused, “Hmm, maybe it would be cool to have an Oculus…”



Well, I bought TrackIR for Elite:Dangerous, so why not try it for ETS2. :-D


It’s fantastic with the Rift, though I’ve got the older dev kit and the low resolution makes it difficult to see too far into the distance or read any writing.


Scandinavia DLC coming!


I’m disappointed the map doesn’t go a little further north. Still though, Norway in particular should be beautiful to drive around.


Yup, pretty much my exact thoughts Tim. As Scandinavia is somewhere I really wish to visit this is a no brainer for me. Oslo here I come!