Euro Truck Simulator 2: Slow Ride


The Scandinavia DLC is out now.

Along with this, they’ve updated the game.

•New weather and lighting setup

•New sounds for DAF XF Euro 6

•New drivers, new driver art

•Tires and rims turned into independent accessories

•Added six-wheeled chassis for both Renault Magnum and Premium

•Better support for retina displays (OSX)

•Traffic AI behavior improvements

•Improved engine performance and stability

•Improved support for multi-monitor systems


I had a few solid hours of fun with the base game, but I’d rather have a auto-drive option to just enjoy the lovely views and focus more on business / truck driver management.


There’s not really enough to the management side of things for that to work, I don’t think. You might as well just watch streams. Annoyingly my save has become corrupted, so while I’d like to play the DLC, I’m not sure I want to start a whole new game when the sequel is just around the corner.


There’s cruise control, which I think is the C hotkey. That’s basically what I did with my trucks going slowly.

As a bonus you’ll also get a lot of crash offenses doing this when people try to pass you and ram your truck…


And speeding tickets if you forget to slow down on bridges and in tunnels.


I get a lot of those normally.


I know American Truck Simulator is the new hotness, but SCS has plans for ETS2. France!

We are expanding the little bit of France we have in the game now to cover the whole country. This also includes a lot of touches to the existing areas (total overhaul of Paris region for example). The changed parts of the world will of course still be accessible in the base game, even if they are upgraded visually.


Arise from thy Slumber, O Thread!

Anyway, I fired up American Truck Sim for the first time last night, and realized I’d bought the Scandinavia DLC for ETS2 during the Steam Winter Sale, so I just played some of that. However, it appears that I can’t actually access the Northern realms till I’ve driven there on a cargo run from an already “discovered” city. It’s kind of weird because now the only missions that show are concentrated in Germany mostly, and maybe extend to Strasbourg to the West and Prague to the East. I distinctly remember, however, being able to take jobs to the UK before, in this same save game.

Did they change something? American Truck Sim, in comparison, seems to not really care where you ended up on your last Quick Job, and lets you drive from any point to any point (provided you are rated for the distance involved).


Are you sure you’re doing quick jobs and not external contracts? That sure sounds like external contract behaviour. Though, it has to be said, I haven’t done quick jobs for so long I’m not sure what the ordinary behaviour is. It’s possible the RNG gods were having a bad day. Try resting and rechecking.


Nope, I was definitely going with the Quick Jobs, since I never bought a truck. As an experiment I just started a new profile of a dude based in Göteborg in Sweden and it looks like in any kind of career mode you just have to gradually discover the map as you extend your range. The only jobs on offer for the Swedish profile were other nearby cities.


Buy a truck. Then you can go anywhere.


Crap. I can’t figure out how this forum works.


Just cruising around with my Heavy Cargo in Vive La France:


Oh, sweet, the Viaduc de Millau, my favourite bridge, is in the expansion! I had thought they said they couldn’t include it because of stupid licensing issues.


I don’t know why these viciously large PNGs (lossless) are not getting converted to JPG. Can you indicate how you’re uploading them?

hmm edit, this looks like a regression on our end. pretty bad since large PNGs can bring stuff to their knees in terms of “hey let’s optimize this!” plus it bloats the backup size a lot, eats bandwidth at 10x the normal rate, etc.

In the meantime, if you don’t mind, please upload jpgs not pngs.


Just dragging and dropping.


Yeah I was able to repro easy by uploading your PNG file. Pretty bad regression on our end.

Ok, fixed, I think – here is me uploading a big PNG image because fuck bandwidth and disk storage, I hates it!

Yes, 1.8mb png converted to 411kb jpg just fine.

We need to also remove this annoying (and makes the file larger) progressive rendering.


That’s been a pet peeve of mine for years. People uploading PNG in-game screenshots when JPEGs are indistinguishable and a fraction of the size.

And then those same people uploading JPEGs of solid color / text images when PNGs offer far better image quality with that kind of data while also being a fraction of the size.


Does size really matter?

Anyway, I wish ETS had more sim/RPG/meta stuff to do. Driving is cool, but I like to think strategically too.


It is also a problem because the max image filesize allowed here is 2MB (up from 1MB). That’s reasonable for a JPEG but very restrictive for a PNG because it’s a lossless format and thus generates much larger files.

Anyway, we auto-convert to JPEG when there’s a big filesize savings, or if the image is large in megapixels to begin with. So no thinking should be required, “it just works”.

(minus our little regression, glad I caught that, cheers @Ginger_Yellow)


I’ve never gotten to that point, but isn’t it also a business sim where you can hire drivers and all that?