Euro Truck Simulator 2: Slow Ride

Iberia DLC will be released later today:

Viva l’Espagna! I hope it’s sunnier and more “fun” country to drive than Bulgaria which I found rather depressing.

Is it weird that ETS2 & ATS expansions are pretty much the only video game things I buy the instant they release?

Iberia is out! And new DLC means a new event. Usual rewards, paint job and cabin accessories.

I was planning to go around Spain today, but got some payment issue on Steam. I’ll have to wait, I suppose. :(

Its absolutely gorgeous. I have never been to Spain, but the way the regions different landscapes are represented is beautiful. There’s a huge number of cities and destinations. Definitely worth the 18 bucks imo.

Yeah, I fixed the payment issue, got the DLC, and got to Barcelona and some other city last night. I’m very impressed.

These days I tend to wait for the new DLC to go on sale before buying. Especially now that I have Flight Sim as my podcast game.

My wife and I took part of our honeymoon in Spain. We spent a few days in Barcelona, and then drove along the southern coast. So, looking forward to digging into this DLC.

So here’s the thing that pisses me off about this game. Every time there’s an update, it resets my truck to my home base in London. I was about half way through the Iberia event, then BAM, logged on and back in London. 30-something hour drive to get back.

Yeah, I’m trying to scatter owned garages about the world so that I can auto travel back to just about anywhere when there’s a big update.

The worst for me was the Genoa Bridge one. My only base was in Plymouth, and I ended up driving to Italy 3 times because of swapping out mods for the event and SCS updates.

In all fairness, though, it happens in spurts then usually nothing for a good while.

Yeah, that sucks. The solution is to have garages around - in ETS 2 I have 3: one in central Germany, one in south France (to go to Iberia and/or Italy) and one in Poland. I’ll get more as money permits, though garages (with trucks and drivers) do help in getting more money. ;)

Yeah, after a certain point, and not too far into a career, the money really comes in fast.

My plan is to have a garage in every city that can originate a special transport job. In case I have the urge to run one. So far, I have at least one in each country.