Eurogamer has very favorable first-impressions of Stalker

Also, here’s some videos of gameplay, including a run through of the very first mission (scroll down a bit to see it)

Personally, I think the game might end up if not living up to the hype, at least getting closer to it than many of us expected

First Prey, then Stalker, could DNF be very far behind?

Anyways, I’m still very interested in this game, I’ve read that some technical issues still exist, though. So I hope they get those taken care of.

If the didnt cut the multiplayer/additional stalkers comepteing for scavanged stuff I can see it being fun. I lsot any desire to read about it though, so I’ll need a demo to even consider a buy. Especially since its not on 360. (I was pc only, got used to the control pad instead of mouse, and I dont feel like adjusting again, over and over)

Since it’s not on my cellphone, I have no interest either.

Man, I was really betting on this game ending up as total garbage, but it looks like they might pull off something worthwhile, or possibly even great. So tentative kudos to GSC I guess.

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It’s a skinny animal mascot suit, but, yes. Mostly.


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Has there been much on the multiplayer for this game?

As for the preview and video, it looks like it could be really cool. Definitely going to check this one out. While I have no interest in Prey, the FPS scene looks good for me now that STALKER and Armed Assault are almost here.