Europa Universalis 4

I was personally hoping that Emperor would be the final expansion for EUIV and that work was already well underway for EUV, but the fact that Johan is leading the team gives me hope that it will be quality. I will be interested in anything he makes into the future.

Well, hopefully that means it will get the post-final expansion fixes that CK2 didn’t have…
I heard a Johan interview a while ago somewhere, he agreed that some choices for Imperator weren’t great and has made his peace with people having different tastes.

They released the patch notes. I’m just going to post a link because they are absurdly long.

Anyone planning on playing Emperor in 3 days, and if so what countries are you thinking of giving a run?

I am going to do something I haven’t done in a Paradox game in a long time and play without shooting for specific achievements. There are far too many achievements in EU4 to ever get close to completing them, so I will just pick countries and set my own goals.

My favourite run in all of EU3 was playing as The Papal States and forming ‘The Kingdom of God’, and it was also my second run in EU4. It’s a great strategic position as you start out fairly weak and fragmented, and there is an early-game boss (venice or tuscany), a mid-game boss (Austria and maybe Spain), and an end-game boss (either France or the Ottomans) to keep the game interesting throughout. There’s alot of roleplaying opportunities, and it will also allow me to take advantage of some of the new features in the game. So my first run is going to be as them.

For subsequent runs, I would like to do another Russia run as they are always fun and I haven’t played as them since the ‘Third Rome’ immersion pack came out. After that, I am thinking either a minor in the HRE or one of the crusader kingdoms would be fun.

I was thinking about France. It’s spiced up and it’s a low difficulty country for those who are rusty, yet there are some relatively demanding achievements. Like there’s one where you have to get to historical French borders till 1500 or something?.. Anyway I’m planning for it to be a calm game. I don’t remember playing majors for a long time.

Russia seems a good choice too. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, Novgorod => Russia.

This is indeed a great run. There are so many interesting starts in EU4.

The downside of Novgorod -> Russia is that a Republican Russia is so alien to historical experience it becomes difficult to roleplay in your mind as you play it.

I understand what you mean. But history is not about paths set in stone! I’ve heard some strong arguments for the idea that Russia is actually predisposed to be a democracy, much more than most of the world. From practical point of view, it’s too big and diverse to ever be effectively controlled by a centralized government.

And historically there’s plenty of evidence for democratic predisposition. Both Russian big dynasties (Rurikids and Romanovs) were invited, elected by the community. Novgorod is a republic you know about (and by the way it’s remarkable in some ways; in practice it was an oligarchy, of course, but they still had a popular vote in some forms), but before the Mongol invasion basically all Rus lands (including modern Belarus and Ukraine) didn’t have an overlord, even nominal ones. Kiev was just a biggest and most desired duchy and many times rulers had just abandoned their old titles in favor of getting there. See the story of Vseslav the Sorceror who wasn’t even Rurikid and became ruler of Kiev because people didn’t like the previous duke and decided Vseslav would do a better job.

Even after Mongol invasion, you had Cossacks living in some sort of democracy, part of old Rus lands easily integrating into a less authoritarian Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Ivan the Terrible has built a reign of terror as authoritative as he could - but his regime didn’t outlive him and you needed another century and genius ruler Peter the Great to make monarch a real ruler again. This line of thought concludes that authoritarian regime is actually something very alien to Russia and this is why it’s always very ugly and inhumane.

So you may look at it as an alternative take on history. Even if the idea is wrong it has some arguments going for it! Sorry for the off-topic.

My plan right now is to start easy with Austria, then Papal States, then Bohemia. Unless I get bored of playing in roughly the same area for three games in a row and throw a different country in there.

PSA: 5 hours till launch.

I thought i was done with EU4 (haven’t played in a couple years at least) but I’m starting to get tempted to spin it up again. Saw a YouTube video with new countries (something like 25 if including releasable ones.) Does anyone know if that’s a patch feature or do you need the xpac to get them?

Every country is always playable (apart from colonial nations, but there are none in 1444 start). Some of the features may be missing. Latest expansion added features for HRE and Catholics as well as additional content for a lot of European countries. Like new events, missions and so on. Without expansions most countries in Europe still have a lot of flavour and special mechanics.

Thanks - and I should know that. :)

(I have a lot of the DLC but nothing recent. Don’t know if I’ll be getting this one either as I don’t normally do anything with the HRE aside from leaving it, but I’ll need to read up more on it.)

Looks like it is out now. I’m going to try to stay away while I finish up a couple others games because I know once I figure up EU4 I’ll get sucked back in for weeks. Oh well, with an update this large I’m assuming it will need a hotfix or two to stabilize anyway. That’s what I’m telling myself, anyway. :)

Since I last played I bought a 4K monitor and now the menus are super tiny.

Do you guys in the same boat just play at a different resolution or is there something I’m missing that enlarges the menus a bit?

Pretty sure they added a UI scale setting. All their other modern games have it so I might be getting it confused with one of those, though.

EDIT: From a post I found from earlier this year:

If none of that does the trick I’d drop the resolution, although it means you’d have to play in fullscreen mode instead of borderless.


Sure thing! Please report back if any of that helps. One of my displays is 4K so it’s something I’m likely to be tinkering with myself before too long.

Well I’ll be waiting a bit to check out the new version. Have a Japan game I am pushing a few achievements on. Want to wrap that first.

Also just intentionally triggered Court and Country while fighting half of China, France, and the central steppes. Want to hit the 100 absolutism achievement. Need Court and Country to get from 95 to 100, god I hated that. Intentional no CB war, high overextension, and everything to trigger it? Ouch! With Humanist I really had to go to stupid lengths to keep unrest high enough.

But as soon as I get that, the Krishitan Japan (just flipped formally, and am converting Japan aggressively) I’m looking forward to trying it.

Debating something in Italy, or maybe finally doing a Muscovy or England run. Never played either, and haven’t done Europe in a while. Maybe a Danelaw run?

The gui_scale in settings.txt does the trick. Didn’t have to play around with that value but setting it to 2 made it a little too big, I think I’ll try 1.5 but regardless that works (setting the properties in the executable didn’t make any appreciable changes.)

Thanks again. :)


Yeah, in the same boat. Currently playing other games, but know if I fire this up, it will be a month before I …er…sleep.