Europa Universalis 4

Does anyone have any plans to start a game in CK2 random world and then carry it over to EU IV?

The random world generator in CK2 can make a world with only 1 province countries right?

I thought about it, but it’s never going to happen. Yeah, I’m pretty sure you can start with all 1 province rulers.

It’s been a while, trying to get back into this. Trying Scotland this time around. I’ve had a couple of restarts. My plan for the current timeline: STAY AWAY FROM ALLYING WITH FRANCE. At least at first. I think I’ll try some adventures in Ireland while they slug it out with England.

So interesting to see how far the game has come since the initial release. As someone who’s been playing every expansion, it’s easy to miss the big picture. Like most Youtube “personalities”, I find him incredibly annoying but it was interesting to see the comparisons.

North America:

Africa? Ew. How did we think this map was fine for all that time?

I like to chill out and watch a YouTuber play EU4 now and then (don’t judge me!). I am not familiar with this guy… I know you said you find him annoying but is he bearable to watch for someone who has lower standards (i.e., me!)?

Just keep the volume low and you’ll probably be fine. :)

After I get bored with HOI IV, this will be my next conquest lol.

Woohoo! And then Imperator comes out at the end of the month, so you’ll have something else to tackle once you get bored of EU4 (as if that can ever happen!). :)

What’s the pitch for Imperator? Other than it being Rome, what are the big differences from EU4?

The trade system and Pops are two things off the top of my head that set it apart from EU4. It’s not trying to be CK2, but characters also play a more prominent role. Popular generals can be dangerous, as are powerful governors and the like. Warfare sounds like it has more granularity than EU4 does as well. There’s a lot more to army composition which varies between cultures as well as military tactics you play.

Of the various Paradox games I think it will be closest to EU4 but I think there’s enough differences in core systems to make it feel distinct. I’ll have to wait and see, though!

Also, there is a lot of focus on Alexander’s successors and their endless disputes, despite the name of the game. And they have also done interesting things with uncivilized tribes, a whole new bunch of mechanisms.

I usually end up frustrated with Paradox games, but this one I am fairly optimistic about.

What are the odds a future expansion has an optional start 30 years earlier?

Yeah, would not surprise me a bit. But I see why they started when they did.

The basic outline of the outcome of the Diodachi dispute was more or less in place by the start date. But really, it was an extremely unlikely outcome. And I think that all of European history is predicated upon that outcome. Start 30 years earlier and one of two things has to be – either you will usually see your game history play out utterly differently than actual history, or else they will have to introduce some very intrusive game mechanics to push the outcome to replicate actual history. Either would turn off a lot of players.


A model for groups of people that exist within your nation. In the case of Imperator, that means citizens, freemen, tribesmen, and slaves. Pops are from a particular culture, follow a religion, etc. Victoria 2 is the “pop game” where it’s far more granular.

I see. Cool!

Oh man, the stuff they’re adding for the big expansion at the end of this year sound fantastic. They’re not going into mechanics yet, just content, but the new mission trees for Austria, Serbia, and the Crusader States look like a lot of fun. Can’t wait to start as the Knights and try to form Jerusalem.

I imagine we won’t get to hear any of the mechanics stuff until after Sweden gets back from Summer break, sadly. But the new mission stuff sounds good.

Interesting developments. Looks like EU4 will not be getting a single DLC/expansoin in 2019, as the mega expansion planned for the end of the year has been pushed back to 2020.

It does make me wonder if this is the last expansion for EU4 and they want to go out with a bang? Paradox hasn’t retired any of their games since moving to their current development model with CK2 so it would be interesting to see how they will do something like that.

In any case, I’m doubly interested to see what this expansion is bringing. They haven’t done one this big before.

I can’t see them pouring a year of dev time into something (even with limited resources) only to put it out to pasture with a final piece of DLC. I assume that the primary reason for this overhaul is to make it easier to build future expansions.