Europe Must REALLY Love Sony, Lik-Sang Does Not

So Sony has managed to get importing of its gaming consoles declared illegal in the EU. You Europeans must really have an unrequited love for all things Sony to keep putting up with this kind of BS.

It started way back with LaserDiscs - joining the EU meant that companies couldn’t import US releases and later Region 1 dvds (you could by them yourself, but that’s expensive and wasn’t easy before the internet caught on).
So all the big corporations has been using EU law this way for some time, Sony is just playing along.

It still sucks, though. But blame EU legislators for being stupidly protectionist towards EU subsidiaries of international corporations (it would still be wrong but at least understandable if they were protecting EU companies)

Yes, Sony are not the first console manufacturer to use ‘exhaustion of IP rights’ in this area. Nintendo have been doing it for years now. But they actually appear to not care about Europe.

All this bullshit with the different market regions is the only thing that really makes me consider just getting another hobby. I think I’ll make sure to import each and every game from now on, just out of spite.

The terrible thing is that it’s cheaper for an individual to import a game or console + shipping costs, then to buy it here.
Very often it’s a 20 - 50% price increase.

Where’s here?

For me (Denmark) it’s only cheaper if I “forget” to declare my purchase to the taxman - my US PSP cost the same. I can save more money buying legally from Germany or somewhat less from Great Britain.
But of course the whole point is to get those games/movies that never reach Region 2. We’re willing to pay more for that, but EU law won’t let us… because Sony/nintendo/whoever might some day do an European version and won’t compete with themselves.

The way I understood it is that it’s perfectly legal for a private citizen of the EU to order any stuff from outside the EU. You just can’t import stuff for resale purposes. I think Lik-Sang was targeted because they operate the “Lik-Sang Europe”-branch too.

Yeah, you’re right… I got confused.
Companies like Lik-Sang and other importers would allow us to buy imports with European consumer protection, 2 year warranties etc. which they’d have to offer - instead of having us resort to buying from vendors outside the EU with little or no protection (except for credit cfard chargeback). But yes, we’re still allowed to do it, it just gets much more complicated and a lot of big companies don’t sell to Europe.


The big DS games cost 45 - 49 euro here, importing them costs me 35 euro, and I have them between a month and a year earlier depending on the game.
(ps: I never imported hardware, so it’s indeed possible that it gives more problem at customs)

At least when the PS3 comes out here, it’s not going to explode IN OUR FACES, unlike the US version.

Ultimately, we’re trying to protect consumers from being sold hardware that does not conform to strict EU or UK consumer safety standards.

Maybe the Euro delay is because they have to manufacture better hardware for us knowing that they’ll have to replace faulty hardware for free up to 2 years after the sale?

… yeah, right.

Well, I don’t know your tax laws but here I have to pay an additional 25% VAT on every non-EU purchase. If they open my package and I didn’t declare it, they slap on an administration fee. Only by having the thing shipped in a discrete package and ‘gift’ in the declaration field, you might get it past customs - of course that means you need someone helpfull mailing it to you and not some big corporation.

In theory that sounds good. (well awful actually, but hey it’s the law right) Still nine out of ten orders I place get to my doorstep form around the world without any extra taxes.

Also on Sony latest stunt. I wasn’t planning on getting a PS3 anyway, but now they plague Lik-Sang like this I’m gonna boycott Sony on all their stuff. Nothing Sony gets past my doorstep anymore. Since I do electronics shopping for quite a few people, it is at least a small drop. And hey enough small drops and they’ll drown.

My faith in humanity is so low that I think there IS something to this.

Same here. I never had problems with DS games, just one time with (geeky gamer) t-shirts.

At least here in Finland, it depends on the price of the package. The magic limit is somewhere around 42 euros and if it’s below that, no taxes or customs get charged from the recipient. And I concur about the DS games, they are crazy expensive here. Sometimes they are priced as high as 55€ ($69), when the same game is $35 or something in the US.

I think one reason why PAL games are often late and expensive is that every game is required to have German, French, Italian and Spanish language options. They should all just learn English and stop ruining it for the rest of us.

Yup, that’s the problem of the EU being seen as one.
I couldn’t care less about Spanish and German - just give me the original kthxbye.

Lik Sang was just put out of business by Sony bleeding them through all the EU lawsuits.



Woah! That sucks. I don’t get it though, I bet lik-sang netted a good amount of money for Sony. It’s like SCEE was competing with Sony of Japan or something. I bet there are a lot of Lik-Sang customers who won’t surrender their money to Sony so easily in the future.