Europe: Pwiiorder required

So I thought I could just get a Wii by walking into the local Media-Markt shortly after they opened. No such luck – all Wiis (and all Zeldas) were preordered and sold out. No information as to the next shipment. Even the 360 didn’t sell out here at launch (well, the premium pack did).

I’m going to gamble on Nintendo pushing many more Wiis into the retail chain, though, just like they did in America. I might yet get my Wii this year!



P.S.: Off to my local Mediamarkt to pick up the Wii I pre-ordered. ^^

Sold out here as well. I thought it was selling for £250ish, so seeing that it’s actually £180 has me thinking I might actually try and get one for Christmas.

Here in Finland there were a lot of stores that didn’t take any preorders or reservations, so it was at least theoretically possible to get a Wii without a preorder. However, as far as I’ve heard, most places opened their doors at 9:00 and were sold out in a couple of minutes. Craziness.

I contemplated going out for a Wii-hunt myself, but the poor selection of launch games (most stores had only Zelda, Wii Play and Call of Duty) made me decide to wait for a bit and continue experiencing the launch through others.

And Zelda costs like $85-$95 here. WTF? I’m waiting for that region-free boot disc and will order my games from the US.

Too bad, but Media-Markt is “saubillig” (NOT!) and they lack any form of service. I never met such an amount of incompetent “service” personell as in MM.

I was standing there in front of 2 digicams and the salesperson went like “Oh, this Sony does not feature 10MP, the other digicam is better”. Rather “Saublöd” then “Saubillig”.

Well, it’s not like I’d ever ask salespeople for advice on electronics. As long as they can hand me a box that’s all I’m asking for…

Wii selling out all over Norway as well. Looks like Nintendo will be having a good christmas.


The accessories just arrived as I went to the store to get my system. Nintendo apparently didn’t bother shipping separate remotes for launch, so I bought three copies of Wii Play since it comes along with a remote. Thus ending up spending €20 more than originally planned, but we got some multiplayer fun planned this weekend, so yeah…

So, I now have the system, 4 remotes, 4 nunchuks and 5 games (Wii Play, Wii Sports, Zelda, Monkey Ball, Rayman Raving Rabbids) - and it cost me as much as the non-tard version of the PS3. Heh.

The Mediamarkt had some non-preorder systems as well, but, of course, they were gone within five minutes after they had opened. The Saturn stores over here let anyone pre-order in general, but, I guess, Chris, unless you got the most unknown Saturn store ever around, you’ll probably have to wait for the next shipment of Wiis.


Never mind, I still have two Warhammer 40k expansions and a Warhammer game to play. :)

By the way, I wanted to check the package contents but Nintendo’s European website appears to have collapsed under a mad rush of Miis. Could you tell me if there’s an RGB cable (SCART with RGB connections) in the package? If not, are they on sale anywhere? I didn’t see them here.

It’s a standard AV cable (Video, Audio Left, Audio Right) plus SCART connector as far as I can tell. No other cables available at this point - Wii Play/Remote, Nunchuk and the classic controller are the only type of accessory available so far according to the guy I talked with.


I was told the RGB Scart cables will come next week.

In other words… same shit as in America. :(

Nah, US wins this one. More units and Excite Truck > Wii Play.

If it’s true that europe can soon convert star points into wii points - europe wins. Although I suspect NoA will follow soon after.

Apparently they had a few on the shelves in Virgin around here today, but by “rush hour” lunch break they were all gone.

What are star points? And how about you Europeans send us your extra copies of Wii Play so we don’t have to wait a month?

Got mine yesterday :)

Communication skills are very handy when talking a store clerk into selling you the console a day early :)

Having great fun with it! :D

TONS of Zelda games still left on shelves, though o.O

Really? Buy them all and sell’em on eBay, you’ll make a killing!

Ooh, there’s an idea…