Eurovision is going to be AWESOME this year!


Arise from the darkness.

No one watching this year’s guilty pleasure of craziness?

Actually enjoying this for once - maybe because some of those ridiculous upbeat numbers actually feel pretty uplifting after more than a year of staying home. Also helps that there are a few actually good songs in between the usual mediocity.

This got suggested to me on YouTube for some reason (I think I had looked up something on Eurovision a few years ago to be honest), so I watched it. Bits of all 39 Eurovision songs this year. Watched the whole video. The big thing I couldn’t help but notice was that almost every song had the same hard-driving Giorgio Moroder type beat, and it drove me crazy pretty quickly.

Much more interesting was this video of all the Eurovision winners from 2021 to 1956.
And oh yes, you do know some of these folks!

I’ve only watched it British Snark. Does it have the most British person in the world being snarky?

The only thing those songs have in common is that they’re all terrible.

Absolutely agreed. Except for ABBA. I will always love ABBA.

I mentioned that aggressive, driving beat from the 2021 video because it was almost identical in every song. The productions were also almost identical, as were the songwriting and arrangements.

So, when you’ve got 39 songs that all sound alike, it would be nice if they could have at least found the template to use from a good song.

It’s nearly May, it’s nearly summer, it’s Eurovision time!

This time the British City of Liverpool is hosting in lieu of Ukraine for a dual cultural extravaganza.

And, once again, the Finns are smashing it!

(And I’m off to the Monday show to make it my third Eurovision in person!)