Eve of Destruction is still nearly full price?

Just browsing through Best Buy and noticed a rack of new copies for Xbox, and immediately thought of King Tom’s endless rants about the glory of this game.

Was about to snatch one off the shelf when I noticed the $39.99 price tag. Meanwhile every other game on the Xbox shelf has prices in the $9.99(Stranger)-$19.99 range(GTA:SA).

What is that all about? Also, is the compatability solid on 360?

It’s just that good!

Seriously, though, that is weird. I don’t think Eve of Destruction did well enough to retain price like that. But based on watching some of the guys at Shoot Club dink around with it, the 360 compatibility is just fine.


My new copy was only $20, bought about a year or so ago, from an EB. I’d guess it’s a title that’s somehow slipped through the cracks when Best Buy does whatever they do to revise prices.

No compatibility problems here, either. I recall some people complaining about frame rate hitches, but I guess I’m not too sensitive to that.

Next time I’m at a specialty store I’ll check into it and try to snag a cheaper copy. I didn’t want to blow $40 on a game that may or may not work on my 360 either. But I’m glad to hear that won’t be much of an issue.

I wondered if it was a misprint on the sticker tab, but I even asked and yep…$40. Easilly the most expensive Xbox 1 game at Best Buy.