EVE Online character questions

Hi all. I’ve been sort of enjoying EVE (I’m still not sure if it’s fun) but I’m worried I’ve gimped my character (at least stunted it)…

Anyway, I’ve got a Mimtarr (Boy those ships are ugly, which annoys me), and while I have high perception and willpower (for shooting stuff) my memory started at 4 and my int at 5.

With the whole learning thing being so important I figure I’ve sort of gimped myself by not having those stats higher. I have taken Learning to 3, and the memory and int skills to 1 each, bu that really doesn’t kick them up high. To get both of those skills up will take a LONG time, and only then will I be ready to train my other skills huh?

Hmm, I’m tempted to re-roll those and chose a different race and and skill combos… any opinions out there? I can’t send myself cash either as a newb account right?

Hmm I actually like the Mimatar ships! Very industrial chic ;)

Basically if you have the time to do so, you want to cycle through training Instant Recall (for memory), Analytical Mind (for int), and Learning (for general skill learning time reduction). train each one in succession and then rinse and repeat until they are all level 4… then train up the other key attributes you need (for a combat pilot thats usually perception and willpower).

Implants can also give you a stat boost, and you get one free after you complete the first 8 storyline missions.

There is a lot of lead in time in this game where you just fly back and forth on boring courier missions to make cash while training your skills. Once you outfit a nice frigate or destroyer though it gets a little more fun ;) I have a nice Thrasher destroyer and thats good fun to chase hapless pirates with!

Of course I’m just scratching the surface myself. This game has insane amount of depth.

You can get the full skill tree from here, it’s quite useful to track what you need a plan stuff.

I never gave too much importance to the stats since they only affect the training times but not directly the game mechanics. I also forget quite often to train new skills after the previous level is done. I’ve never been too anxious about min/maxing the progression.

As said you can train the “learning” skills. For each level of the skill you get one point into the related stat.

Btw, Eve just hit more than 26k logged in at the same time.

Useful thoughts. Hmm, I’m tempted to pay up, cash out my guy and start over. I mean, TinyPirate as a nickname (long story) gets me some funny looks too!

Also, with my stats at starting int 5, mem 4, perception and willpower 12 I’ve really set myself up as a slow learning. Surely it’s better to be a quick learner and then mod those combat stats up later? Isn’t it better to boost mem and int at the start, thus speeding learning, and making it easier to boost combat stats in the long term??

Combat is definitely looking the route I want to take. I had a big fight with rogue drones last night, my first, and I realised how tactical it could be. I got in too close and they almost took me, but keeping the right range and using the weapons carefully I was able to win… nice change from stand and bash type MMOing…


You are 100% spot on with the combat though. It’s much more exciting than the standard MMO stuff.

Ever read the tracking tutorial? It’s one of the most awesome things I’ve ever seen.

Hehe, tease away, I’ve got thick skin to match my thick head.

Are there any good character creation tip sites out there? I am more and more tempted to re-roll when I think about my rubbish mem and int stats (and my butt ugly ship!)

(ta for the link to HRose, hadn’t read that one yet, and yes, the combat is intriguing)


I find the player guide to be fairly good for picking the stats. Have a look at the skill guide/combat guide/mining guide. Pretty sure there was some advice in there.

High perception and willpower is good, those will be your primary stats. In a perfect world, you’d want intelligence and memory to be about 9 at start, with charisma at 3, since charisma is basically useless. Or, at least, the least useful statistic. Still, it’s really impossible to meaningfully gimp yourself in this game. The most you can do is slightly retard skill progression.

Oh, and don’t feel like you HAVE to be a minmitar to play with QT3’ers - I rolled Caldari, and I’ve got friends in the Gallente empire. If you decide to join our hideously named company (THANKS SO MUCH, NUTSAK), it won’t matter what empire you come from.

What’s your company?

Ugh. Ask Nutsak.

Hey fuck you. I wanted to call it “Luna Cows”. It just so happens that “Balls of Steel” tells everyone about the people in our corp. Though if you end up joining we’ll have to change it to “Balls of Steel and one guy with two grains of rice for nuts.”. :)

I would have gone “Big Brass Balls” myself, if you have to name in that theme. What are you guys doing with the company? Want a Gallente BS pilot? :)

Gah, all this talk of EVE Online is tugging at the freelance-space-sim part of my brain. How hard is it to get into this game, and is it something that you can split time with other MMORPGs, or is it a significant commitment to play it?

It’s just about the most non-time intensive game you can get. You can get a completely high end character with very little time investment. It’s just getting money (and bigger and better ships/etc), that takes time. The skills train by themselves, even offline.

Hmm, I’m feeling quite piratical… not sure i’ll join the Qt3 clan.

I also feel the urge to re-roll with higher mem and int… it bugs me that they are so low, not sure why.

Hmm, decisions decisions.

Calistas - pure combat characters need high perc and willpower, really. Unless you’ve dumped a ton of points into Charisma, then no, you haven’t gimped yourself. You’ll find a ton of stuff requires what you’ve concentrated on (likewise a lot of stuff requires Int + Mem…). Trust me, it’s quite hard to gimp a character once you’ve left Charisma out.

A lot of people have rolled Caldari Achuran Monks as they can get some sickeningly high Perc/Willpower setup with them.

My main currently has:

Int 23
Perc 16
Char 6
Will 11
Mem 18

I’ve slacked on Willpower training so you can add another 5 points to that shortly, and 1 point more in Perc/Int.

Oh. And grab these two tools:

EVE Character Manager
And check out the wiki

So, what name does everyone go by in EVE? Currently, my main is a caldari named Ainslaye, flying this: http://evescreens.deadbored.net/Quatoria%20Screenshots/stahlkrieg2.JPG

Anyone from QT3 who’s playing, toss me an eve mail and I’ll send you an invite into the QT3 channel we’ve set up.

I need a corp too… the wife and I are splitting time between EVE and COV currently, and it seems that every time I start talking to a corp and contemplate joining, it turns out to be “the 14yr old zit mining coalition”.

I just really have NO direction in EVE. No clue what I should be setting as goals, so I can’t focus and start having fun getting there. So I mine some, shoot some, and wonder what I should be doing.