EVE Online character questions

Do what you want to do. Do what you’d like to do.

That’s what makes Eve so great. There’s a boatload of things you can be doing, and if you don’t like one aspect, you can completely ignore it.

For instance, I don’t plan on ever mining.

I re-rolled as Father Calistas - Amarr of course. I like the sparkly ships (so much nicer than those horrid Mim ships) and I’ve got more evenly spread stats. Willpower spiked at about 14 on completion of charater creation, but the rest were about 9, with willpower down about 4. So I reckon that will do the trick with training!

Actually not mining (a good choice IMO) elevates the Charisma stat somewhat, as you are going to be making money from trading and mission running, unless you go pirate, and charisma helps with the social and trade skills. The normal advice at character generation is to equalise everything and put any left overs into INT and PER, which are primary or secondary stats for a lot of the stuff. However as there are no maxed out characters in EVE yet, you should specialise in what you want to do rather than trying to spread your training actoss all the specialities. You are never going to catch up with someone who has been playing three years, but you can be as good with missiles or drones as him, for example, in a relatively short time.

My EVE playing has recently been taking a bit of a backseat to EQ2, which I’m enjoying, even though I realise that’s a bit heretical around here :-) .

Yeah I’ve started training up my charisma a bit, but I’ve been inundated with Agent offers and missions regardless of my 5 charisma.

Charisma just affects how long it takes to train up the various agent-related skills (and may have an effect on standings directly). So it won’t change the fact that agents will give you missions, but it will help make it easier to get better rewards and better agents.

realistically though, all the various agent related skills do is make it quicker to be refered to the next agent in the chain, which is a mixed blessing. Quickly funnelling up the chain will short you out on some good cash. Or at least, seems that way to me.

Is it wrong that I can’t seem to get back into WoW now that I’ve been playing this for a coupla weeks?

In game as Hector Dirtfarmer. I mine :)

None of the stats affects anything in game other than training times. The social skills will affect your standing with agents and the size of rewards you get from them and CHA is the primary stat for learning those.

No, they increase your standings (= more agents available, higher rewards), increase the rewards you get (= more cash), and increase the loyalty points (= quicker offers). You’re not missing out on cash by going “up” in the chain at all. Higher quality agents and higher level agents all reward you better.

Right, but what I’m saying is, bigger single rewards and running missions a couple extra times are roughly the same thing. Just one is quicker.

Good to know that I won’t end up in super-hard missions faster that way though. I’ll keep that in mind. I’ve been training up socialization in any case. Just gearing up to outfit my first cruiser though. Caldari Moa FTW! My Merlin has been good to me.

Not sure I follow :) You would be getting a bigger reward for exactly the same mission.

When you go up a level, then the rewards are massively greater.

Mission A gives 30k isk.

Mission B gives 90k isk.

Running mission A 3 times gives you the reward of Mission B. That’s what I’m saying.

Aaaand if you train up the right skills, Mission A will give you 45k ISK, and Mission B will give you 115k ISK (or whatever). That’s what I’m saying. I’m not comparing A and B. I’m saying both A and B will benefit from training those skills.

You’ll also get bored when A becomes too easy, but that’s another kettle of fish.

Yes, I know what you are saying. I considered writing “Mission at Skill A” and “Mission at Skill B” to make it more clear, but I thought it would come across. Anyway, reread my post with those words instead. I’m saying that if you run the mission multiple times with a lower skill it will add up to doing it once with a higher skill. I am a broken record.

But I don’t get bored when a mission gets too easy. I enjoy blowing through groups of 20 ships.

You also enjoy the 20 minutes of flying around looting?

I actually outfitted a frigate specifically for looting… I’d do the 3 part missions, bookmark every stage of the mission, blow the hell out of everything, warp back to the station, then get out of my BS into my little frigate and warp back… My afterburner equipped frigate loots a hell of a lot faster than the Dominix did, but it still took longer than I would like.

So I rolled a Caldari Achuran Monk (Japanese-looking dude) focusing in Piloting a the War Academy. Spent the day off-and-on running through the tutorial, but haven’t decided whether or not to stick with the charater or roll someone from another faction.

Anyway, my Caldari guy’s name is Arashimaru and I’m fairly clueless so far.

It doesn’t bother me, no. But it’s not really 20 minutes, I tend to just loot as I kill right now since I fight close in. But I hear you can get tractor beams which work from 20+ km out.

But I find the game very relaxing and I have no problem just flying through empty space.

It is relaxing, and I still don’t know why I enjoy it… does that make sense? It is kind of bugging me. I think I like it because:

  • I LOVE the music. Really great. Someone, let me pay $10 to add another dozen of this guy’s tracks to the music sheet. This really should be an option for MMOs looking to make a bit more extra cash.
  • I can play Travian while I play EVE. I could do that even easier with a dual screen setup I suppose.
  • I can surf for EVE tips while I play
  • I can break for my required pressups, cleaning, ironing while autopiloting
  • The ‘meta’ game really sounds interesting
  • Combat seems far far more tactical than I first thought.
  • The vastness adds a sense of reality that has been missing for me from games like WOW and whathaveyou… actually, it reminds me of good old Dragon Empires that I worked on back in the day. Huge, beautiful.
  • The game is ‘thoughtful’?

I’m enjoying my re-roll. ‘Father Calistas’ is a great persona for me to embody as Amarr… I can demand sinners repent, and dispense firey justice to those who refuse! Superb! And the ships are so much prettier than this Mim hulks.


In beta I suggested to theme the songs after the ships, so that by default changing the ship would also mean switch to different themes.

I just remembered that idea.

Btw, if you want to give a look at the crafting (another complex system) I have a tutorial here.

Ta, interesting. Think i’ll avoid it for now :D