EVE Online:Rubicon released

The new EVE online expansion , Rubicon, was released yesterday. EVE expansions are more like mega-patches, but are free. This one is more aimed at players operating player owned stations and customs offices. Of course there are new ships and cosmetic items like a more modern look for interface screens and new warp sounds. The only changes that affected me personally was that my Battlecruiser fit became unstable and I had to fork out 2.5 million isk for a new rig to fix it and my hauler will warp a little faster - apparently haulers can now out jump a BC. Despite my character being nominally almost 8 years old, I’ve only actually played for 9 months in total.

Full details:

Did they patch in the ability to feel like you’re flying a badass space ship through the breathtaking depths of space instead of clicking on a spreadsheet? That’d be pretty cool.

If you don’t like the game, the expansion isn’t going to change your mind. Like any other MMO expansion, it’s more of the same.

X: REbirth :-)