EVE Online - the Mega Modal Afocal Tech 2 Thread!

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So I’m about 1.5 away from getting jump clones with Caldari Navy, and around the same time I’ll be able to fly interceptors quite well (as well as AFs).

I plan on fucking around with Low Sec a bit. Anyone have any recommendations for PVP in a Crow or Hawk/Harpy?

I just got 1.4 standing with the Tash-Murkon Family, so I’m what, a few months away from jump clones unless I join the goons?

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And this is the wondrous Qt3 Tips for Newbies thread. Every newbie should read it!

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Marius Waltzer - mewalser - Ars Caelestis / Curse Alliance
Lakedaimon - Reiko Tokugawa - Goonfleet / Goonswarm
Lokust - Lokust Ulthwe - Incognito
Raife - Hackjob - no corp
mk56 - Varathius - Shinra / Lotka Volterra
Union Carbide - Sonjia Leifsdottir - I MINE 4 SPACE FISH
Hanacker - Yossar - ISS Navy Task Force
mlatin - Namco - The Imperial Commonwealth / The Sundering
schurem - schurem - Silver Snake Enterprises / ISS
Quatoria - Ainslaye - Kydace Radiant Industries
JM - Kazou Kiriyama - Octavian Vanguard / RAZOR Alliance
Muzzaro - Emiko Mai - Gaikoujin Cabal
Twosixteen - Hector Dirtfarmer - Goonfleet
Hawkeye Fierce - Alexia Roshenko - Merch Industrial
Brian Rucker - Zan Maruke - Royal Knights of Khanid (Retired)
Cougar - Coug - [BDCI] / <MC>
Soapyfrog - Megas Alkaia - ISSN
TiggerHappy - Trigger Sterling - We Are Nice Guys (Penny Arcade alliance)
Brandon Clements - BattleRhino Smith - noob corp
nutsak - Nooteh - The Imperial Commonwealth / The Sundering
Oracle - Tal Trenn - Caldari - Trenn Corp
Charlge - Zyam - Caldari noob corp
AlanT - Meren Bann - Ex Coelis
AaronSofar - Ulzhad - Gallente noob corp
Not One Of Us - Scentless Apprentice - No corp, yet
InfiniteJest - Tianqi - Solar Industries
Veinless - Veinless - Merch Industrial
Dave47 - David Cato - Merch Industrial
AaronSofaer - Lausac - nub
Juan Rayo - Juan Rayo - nub
Unicorn McGriddle - Merseyandthetyne - noob corp
Rward - LordyHaHa ingame - flying for MisFunk
Henry Wilson - Leon Czolgosz - Eve University
fenrrris - Maestrio - Illuminati Inc.
Motherhead - Packard Goose - Stem Cell Research
foogla - Jack Archer - Goonfleet / Goonswarm
balut - Wolfram vonHart - noob corp
DustyTheHamster - Niveus Renim - noob corp
Alex Handy - AceRipRash - Gallente noob corp

If anyone has joined the game, or changed corporations or characters, pm me and I’ll edit or add.

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On the low sec thing, and someone’s comment that 0.4 was fairly pointless and empty, I know of at least one person who got a bit sick of 0.0 and alliance warfare, and is soloing in lowsec. Apparently, he’s having an absolute blast, blowing things up in a rifter.

I know the noob stuff, I’m looking for more advanced tips. I’m thinking of doing a bit of ratting and hoping to pick up some pirates.

While I am no longer in TIC/The Sundering with Namco or any of the alts, I am thinking of either rejoining them or joining another corp. I kinda miss the benefits of a good corp/alliance in 0.0 (easy money ratting or mining). The current corp I’m in is somewhat home-grown, essentially just there to run the research POS we’ve got up in Gulfonodi while I figure out where & what I want to do.

I finally am just about to where I’m happy with my skills to be able to farm L4’s any time I want, and I’ve probably got all the good tips out there for a good Typhoon setup as one can get. But now, I’d love to see some good Raven rig setups, as I’m curious how people are setting that part of the ships up.

I like this thread. It smells nice. Musky.

Some ‘advanced’ ratting tips:

  • Join the intel channel of the region you’re in. There will be one for low-sec even, so ask around if you don’t know it.
  • keep your BS aligned for a celestial object so you can warp out as soon as possible if need be.
  • Be ready to lose those drones if a hostile jumps into system. Mash warp and get out, then get to your Safe Spot.
  • Keep hoping safe spots when you have a hostile in system you’re hiding from.
  • Picking up pirates is best done with your corp. On your own, just try camping gates, but you will need to go in with the right ship, eg, Force Recon are great for soloing.

I’m more looking to solo pvp for a little while. Get my feet wet.

For PvE, CCC (the cap regen one) is the only rig I’ve ever seen anyone uses for a Raven. Although if you have a billion-isk shield booster you might not need any.

The missle rate of fire rigs are nice as well if you have advanced weapon upgrades (reduce CPU requirements for weapon modules). The draw back is increased CPU use, but the ROF bonus is very nice. I have a Cerebus with a 4.75 sec ROF with heavy launcher IIs.

Solo PVP tips: Well, I enjoy solo PVP in an interceptor. They’re cheap, disposable and easy to ship around. This is handy because you want to be able to have a few as backup, ready to go, to ease the annoyance of losing ships.

While inty’s aren’t great killers, you can take out frigates and industrials no problem, you can even take out a cruiser (especially gun/laser boats) and anything that’s busy and distracted with ratting can be taken out (personal best - Killing an Apocalypse with a Malediction). The best thing about them is that they are VERY SURVIVABLE! If you get in a pickle, you can run away easily! This means you can practice chasing and messing with enemies with a much lower chance of dying.

Of course, your inty won’t always be able to kill anything it tackles and locks, but you will get a great instinct for how to get into fights, and how to get out. Well, that’s what I’ve enjoyed learning with!

Also, they are so quick to move and align that you can jump into a system and leap to a belt before the enemy ratter has a chance to leave. My corp uses such tactics to surprise-jump enemy ratters. Very good fun.

Other than that, set up a handful of cheap cruisers. Keep in mind you need to: Do damage (duh), warp and jam someone, be speedy enough to run away, ideally pack a little ECM to either de-jam them (ECM Burst for example) or to mess up their weapons (sensor damps etc).

Get stuck in!

I came disgustingly close to locking down a solo sniper setup Apoc in my Claw once. He managed to warp out when I was about 21km away. As long as I blew up his drones there would have been nothing he could have done since I don’t think those generally fit Nosses, webs, or much of a tank. Of course he probably could have called in help before I could finish him off so no matter.

Sniper Apoc - yeah, you would have had him, if he was even carrying drones… But drones are absolutely an inty’s worst nightmare. You have to be pretty confident you can shoot and hit them if you plan to take any on… and if you’re unlucky a smart enemy pilot will dock up any drone you attack, making the job very tricky.

Henry: I’m in Goonfleet, Jack Archer.

Crows are king in a small gang, but I have no idea how to fly them solo. I’d imagine you’d need either full snakes or halo sets to tank, but you’d have to stay away from some ships no matter what (Rapier, Huginn, Eagle, Munnin, Vagabond, Dominix, Myrmidon, might be even more).

Either way it’s pretty expensive SP and ISK wise imho.

I’ve been doing quite a bit of time in my helios lately, training up the proding and scanning skill, being scout for the corps gangs and probing down “teh baddies”.

Its good and all warping to a safespot in system and then warping from that to your other spot BUT if you have agro and need to wait 15 minutes before you can leave the system or logoffski, then you stand a reasonable chance of being caught.

What I usually (I’m in a cov ops ship, so everything besides dropping probes and starting the scan is done cloaked) do when probing is check the size of the system and lay down the appropriate probes, 1 40 Au, multiple 20’s, whichever. when I get a signature reading I warp to it at 10km and bookmark. If the guy is still there, then I’ll call in the troops and they do their thing. If I call them in and he looks like he might be about to warp off then I might uncloak and scram him while they arrive.

If he’s not there, then I have a bookmark of one of his “safe” spots and I restart my scan.
Find another signature, warp to it, bookmark and repeat.
So far I haven’t had someone use more than 3 safe spots in a system.

Point of the post: if you really wat to be safe, keep warping and make “halfway spots” as you warp between places. Warp to your SS, then to a planet, drop a bm on the way and warp back to that. From there to a second safespot, drop a BM on the way there, go back to it, from there to a different planet, drop one, back to that, etc. Get a good “mesh” going and they shouldn’t get you.

Ok, you probably won’t need to go that far unless they’ve bubbles the gates to the system you’re in and really want to kill you badly

You could try warp to 0 on a gate and jump through, but you’ll probably be followed through and stand the chance of being scrambled on the other side.

I’ve managed to get scaning times down to 40 seconds and it should be dropping a little futher once survey IV is done. Apparently some pilots have insane times of 28 seconds to scan,so you probably want to warp from spot to spot every 30 to 40 odd seconds to be safe.

Something else - you can pickup the scan probes using the onboard normal directional scanner, take “Use overview settings” off, cranck up the distance and away you go.

The directional scanner scans approx 14.5AU, scan probes go from 3 AU to 40 AU, with the observer probes doing an entire system (ain’t no hiding no more, little one).

So next time you’re out ratting and somone pops up in local and you can’t find them using the directional scanner, chances are they’re looking for you ;)

Not sure who flies Amarr, but someone must know: Malediction or Crusader? Forums seem to knock the Malediction as a poor stand-in for various other ships. While I’m getting used to that complaint as an Amarr pilot, it’s virtually impossible to tell which ships actually are crap and which ones are being thrown unfairly under the wheels of the Amarr bashing machine.

The Crusader seems to have slightly more positive reviews, but informed opinions are a good thing. I’m wondering if anyone’s flown both sufficiently to have a serious opinion. Give me your experience. Evasive Maneuvering V is on the docket just after Weapon Upgrades V finishes off - someone help me waste my isk!

The crusader is a slightly better combat ship, but that would rarely come into play given your role. The malediction fulfills the tackler roll much better with a better sensor package, extra mid slot, more cpu capacity.

My board name is misspelled in the list above, it should be Cougar :)


Crow has pretty awful damage output. But it’s able to pick and choose it’s targets most of the time. Stick with small stuff and haulers and you’ll be ok. It doesn’t need a faction MWD and a set of low-grade snakes, but they help a lot since you can hit the speed where light missiles no longer hurt you. But if you ever accidentally get into web range, you’re dead.

And my character name isn’t quatoria, it’s Ainslaye.