EVE Online - the Mega Modal Afocal Tech 2 Thread!

What about with Tech 2 specialized light missiles? That’s what I’ll be doing damage with.

What were the drawbacks for the T2 light missiles? I think at least one nerfs your speed, right?

One causes launching a missile to use some cap, and the other nerfs the speed of the missile itself… I think. The description seemed to be talking about the missile’s velocity but now I am experiencing doubt.

But either way, that penalty is only for the high precision ones… if I’m shooting larger targets, I’d be using high damage.

Yeah if you are gonna use T2 missles in a Crow, make sure you unload them when you are not firing. The speed drawback is really not condusive to a speed based platform like an interceptor.

edit: Ok well the webpage shows a penalty to max velocity, but in game there is no penalty listed. But you are going to limit the amount you will be able to use your MWD, both with the MWD penalty to max cap and then reduce cap regen with the Fury missiles.

Anyone know offhand what speed you need to get to before you don’t have to worry about light missiles? I think it was something like 7500 m/s but I could be wrong.

I think you only need to exceed the explosion velocity - which for standard lights is 1750m/s

You also need to factor in up to 50% bonus to explosion velocity from Target Navigation Prediciton.

That’s when you start taking less damage. Looks like it’s more like 4k or 5k m/s where you can ignore damage. And for whatever reason, all the SHC fits for crows use arbalest launchers and not T2. It’s a ship I’ve looked at but never actually flown so I’m not sure why. Fitting issues I guess.

T2 missiles are very specialized, and hurt your overall ship speed or cap regen, which is death for Interceptors. MWD’s are hard to keep running, especially with a 20K scrambler, so further cap regen penalties suck. Lowering ship speed is death. Which is why you use a 20K scrambler, because 7500m is web range and web is death.

My favorite solo PvP is in a ratting battlecruiser like a Prophecy, but setup for PvP with an omnitank and ab/web/scram in mids. AF’s and Inties love to try and take it on, but webbed AF’s or Inties die in seconds to 5 Warrior 2’s.

The malediction is a fun gang or solo ship which you can twink out in some amusing ways - eg 2 x malkuth standard launchers! (You can’t fit arbies. I think.). The EM Bonus damage and being able to sit back at 15k and shoot missiles comes as a surprise to the enemy.

The Crusader is good for gangs only as it can’t tackle well enough, but it can be surprising due to it’s ability to tank (200mm plate). You can fit it up with Gatling Pulse Laser IIs and hit REALLY well and hit hard. You need to be fast to control the range, but you will hurt other intys that get too close, that’s for sure.

Buy one of each and play with them. The Malediction is my marginal fave tho.

Oh, Prophecy’s are fun. I once tricked one out with 3 x 1600mm plate - took the 6 intys attacking me about 5 min to take me down bahaha. Amarr make great bait ships :)

Oh, Henry, I flicked you some cash. Enjoy. Other newbs need some?


It has 2 mids. MWD + scrammer… tackles most non-inties just fine.

Whack some dual light pulse IIs on while you’re at it, the damage can get mildly insane :)

Crusader is also (potentially) the fastest ship in the game. Not sure what you do with that if you’re using lasers, but it’s something.

Crusader is better for solo work due to higher DPS and speed. It’s also a great fleet tackler, since closing speed is important.

Malediction is probably a better small gang tackler due to cap endurance and web.

Okay, so the overwhelming vibe I’m getting from this thread with respect to my wish to solo pvp is “don’t”.

So what DO people solo pvp in?

You can solo in virtually anything - it’s a question of picking your targets.

If you’re planning piracy, a cheap but damage-heavy ship would work (think a blaster thorax, for example) - your main targets would be PVEers. If you’re willing to push the boat out, money-wise, you can’t go wrong with a Vagabond (HAC) or a Pilgrim (Recon). Anything that allows you to get close, kill and escape, really.

There are so many viable solo ships with different configurations it’s impossible to recommend a single one. 75% of the inties make for brilliant solo ships, for example.

Sadly, right now I’m focused on Caldari. To switch to a different race’s ships would be a 10-15 day investment minimum.

No skills for HACs or Recon yet. Would take a while.

Sigh. Maybe I should find a corp…

Nah, as long as you can afford to lose a couple go ahead and give solo PvP in a Crow a try. No better way to learn than to lose a lot of ships. Just stay out of web range and watch for help trying to jump in on you when you have someone scrambled.

Solo 0.0 gate campers seem to love dictors, particularly the Sabre, but I doubt you can fly those either.

I’m not looking to do piracy. If anything, anti-piracy. Basically, I’ll fly around and hope someone jumps me looking for a fight.

Anti-piracy is even tougher than piracy to find targets. No idea if they’d be willing to jump a crow but maybe some would. Or you could find a camped gate and try to get them to engage you there, but those pirates rarely work solo.

Crusader isn’t as popular with my crowd, don’t underestimate the requirement to web stuff, we’ve lost kills because of a lack of webs in a squad. Also, it can’t dictate range against anything small, and against anything big, they might live long enough to make it to a gate (50% of your pvp is around gates right?). As for dual light pulse IIs, I prefer gatling pulse IIs, hit far more often, use less cap and fire faster. I’ve not crunched the maths, but I find them more effective. Try 'em out.

And yeah, solo anti-pirating will get you dead unless you manage to jump 'em in transit. There aren’t many pirates who solo, tho there are plenty of 0.0 PVPers who do (in force recons or cruisers or BCs usually).