EVE Online - the Mega Modal Afocal Tech 2 Thread!

For small gangs and any kind of gate camping you absolutely need a webber if you want to catch anything but haulers. Only way you can really go solo without one is catching people in belts.

Yeah, and if you’re in an inty -without- web because you’re there for your awesome damage, well, people will look at you funny. Maybe a crusader for some solo pvp, but even then, I’m likely to prefer a malediction as at least I can web the enemy inty. If you’re moving at 500ms and being orbited by another inty doing 5000ms you’re going to die.

Why wouldn’t you want to be a pirate, Charles?

Charles could always join up with Ginger Magician / OctoberSnow Corp and their merry bunch and pirate all he wants! :)

Yeah, Charles

Charles, one on ones are dying out.
You might come across a few people that will stick you for a fight, but most of the time they will only fight because they know they will win… eg.
A Curse popping out of existance 15km away and NOS’ing the begeebies out of you with setting off his T2 drones, or a Command ship jumping in on you and getting the web and scram in place.

Travelling through might get you a better chance of a 1 on 1, but it will also get you a better chance of being jumped by a gang of 10. Most 0.0 places have local intel channels that people report sightings in and as soon as you’re spotted theres a good chance a gang will get formed to come on down after you.

Best places to get 1 on 1 - lowsec surrounded by highsec maybe?

Fly around in a cheap frigate, look for mining ops - they generally stay in the same area for quite some time. They are also usually guarded, hence you flying the frigate, check out what the guards have,etc.
If you Really feel like it, fit a passive targeter onto the frig and a ship scanner, maybe you get an oppertunity to use the ship scanner, maybe not… If you do - you get to know exactly how they are all fitted out and can plan accordingly.

Else just bust around and look for ratters.

Saying you want to be “anti-pirate” is noble and all, but it will also take you a couple of weeks to find someone thats a “confirmed pirate”.

Also, you probably have that nice high sec status, people won’t be expecting you to turn your ship around, lock them and SMASH them to SMITHEREENS!

Its piracy or nutting ;)

I hear a lot of stories about legendary 1 man gate camps, but they all happened like a year+ ago. Some players will run two accounts and use a scout/tackler on one and a dps/tank/ewar on another but thats way too much effort for me. Ganking lazy miners or ratters trying to hold off a triple battleship spawn is the best 1 on 1 option I can think of.

Not that anyone cares but I finally got a taste of real PVP last night. Even managed to land the killing blow on a drake. Lost my cruiser, but that saves me having to make 20 jumps through hostile territory to get back. Our little raid easily inflicted 10x as much isk damage as we took which I think is stunning (and tragically hillarious) considering the enemy had multiple capships.

It’s actually stupid easy to find a pirate if you know the right systems to look for them. Kheram is always full of them. Of course, you’ll never find a 1 vs 1 there, since entire pirate corps base out of that area and camp gates with 10+ people.

Alright alright. I’ll just join a corp. Or something. Blarg.

A Curse popping out of existance 15km away and NOS’ing the begeebies out of you with setting off his T2 drones

Neat trick, given that it’s the pilgrims who can use the cloaks ;)

Curses can cloak (any ship can), they just can’t warp while cloaked.

They also take 30 seconds or so to lock after uncloaking.

From a BoB or Goonswarm: which is worse? debate at another forum.

I think the only way you can redeem the situation is to email Richard Kyanka at somethingawful, I’d suggest starting the email with a polite “Dear Richard” and then really lay into him about the troubles his practices have caused your space guild.

I’m tempted to create a throwaway gmail address and do exactly that.

Well, if you want to get pedantic about it - Curses can’t use the proper cloak, they can’t warp with it, and if you’re going to fly a recon and want to use a cloak then use a pilgrim!

EVE Tips for those thinking of trying this MMO

Thought I’d write up some tips for those thinking of trying EVE but who haven’t got around to it yet for one reason or another. These thoughts should help clear up some questions I’ve heard from non-players.

  • You can try out the game for free for 14 days. Ask anyone here and we’ll fire you off a buddy invite. At the end of the trial you can pay a once off fee of $20 for the game + a months’ play, with $15 a month ongoing after that.

  • Don’t worry about not being able to ‘catch up’ with older players. You can be useful in PVP within a week (I mean, useful like “Shit, I wish we had more newbies in our corp to tackle, we could have got that guy!” - which is what I’ve heard in corps I’ve been in). The over-time training means that you’ll be useful in many situations within a couple of months.

  • Plan to do the tutorial. It will take around 2-3 hours. It is substantial, but you’ll NEED to do it.

  • Talk to your Qt3 buddies and get some ideas on what corp you might want to join. Corps make the game fun.

  • Be prepared for a STEEP learning curve! But… don’t worry, that’s part of the fun of it. Early on just focus on trying to shoot stuff well. Later on you can think about industry, manufacturing and research and all that other detail.

Fuck, the other main corp in our alliance lost 5 freighters (and quite a few BSs) to BoB this weekend trying to move north from Omist and Tenerifis. I wasn’t at all involved (our two corps are kinda doing separate things atm) so maybe there was more to it, but this weekend seems like it would have been the worst possible time to try that.

Never move on the weekend, try and use carriers, not freighters in 0.0! Jeez, that’s asking for it.

I don’t get it. Did we take your space away or something? :(

allegedly, and this may just be internet spaceship game propaganda, but Bob jumped on the freighters after Bob had agreed to allow safe passage for the small price of several large towers.

e-honor indeed. If you shake their hand, better count your fingers.

While I find the whole concept of E-honor pretty silly in a game that has no rules against deceit or scamming, BoB is pretty damn hypocritical when it comes to things like POS spamming/etc.

But yeah, using Freighters on the weekend? That’s just silly.