Eve-Online Thefts tops BBC News

So im sat at work and look what is showing up as the most read article today.
I tried eve several times, but i found is oh so dull, but its without doubt the best game to read about i dont play.
Wonder how he got away with selling gold, i thought it was not allowed in most games, or did he just flog it quickly on ebay? I always read these things, and end up subscribing to see whats the fuss is about, i normally last a few days in empire space mining and shooting things before i wonder if all the drama is made up!

Reading about Eve is much more interesting than playing it.

I like the way it’s headlined “Billions stolen in online robbery” and yet the actual real cash generated from the 200bn credits amounts to a little over 3,100 sterling.

That’s true, but it’s an interesting story.

I played Eve for a while. These stories make it seem so much more fun than it is. It’s got a great universe and pretty graphics and the best philosophy for an MMO by far, but its gameplay is just boring. They should really fix that.

Sounds like the gameplay is fucking fantastic, if you’re involved in a ton of machinations and plotting that’s outside the game world. In other words, sounds like EVE is a great platform for insane gaming.

In my college years i used to play one of the many browser games that had a setting similar to EVE-Online and the stuff outside (machinations, plotting, spies, cheaters, ingame politics, etc) was what made it so damn fun.

I’ve played Eve on and off a few times, and I pretty much agree with you here. It’s a huge game world that’s left completely to the players, and it’s awesome to have the ability for all the outside-the-game diplomacy, dealings, trades, backstabbings, etc to go on. The in-game stuff is mind numbingly dull though, and I can’t figure out why they don’t fix that. Not that I’m overflowing with suggestions on exactly how that could be done, but still, it feels like they’re not even trying :\

The author of that article has a good sense of humor.

Eve is very realistic. Reading about the adventures of war and politics is fun, but doing them yourself, generally not so much.

I enjoyed playing it casually (ie solo), but the most fun i had with the game was reading the insanely crazy long thread on these forums about the war between BOB and GOONS. Speaking of which, the infiltration of BOB stole WAY more assets and actually had a pretty big real life money footprint.

It is pretty funny reading that article and seeing how it is written like it was a real world bank robbery though.

Having two friends that play/have played it, I think I agree.

CCP is trying to make the game “less dull” (not saying good ;) ).

PvE wise Wormholes + the new scanning interface are easily accessable as you dont need to many skills and those are quickly trained and a lot of fun and add the feel of “exploration” to it. You dont know where you’ll end up , you can get lost (if you re not carefull), its dangerous but not outright unfair.

If you’re just looking for the PvP fix FW helped too though you need to know your ships but that’s not too bad either now. Im having a lot of fun in simple frigates and kill and get killed by 10x more expensive stuff, giving them a hell of a fight. Fights are more getting into a tactical better situation than your enemy without him noticing your advantage which sometimes drags it out but when you engage the adrenaline will kick in ;) .

The market thingy is really more an industrial/financiel simulation type thingy, you need time and lots of ISK to make it at least interesting not to say profitable but if you get to a certain point manipulating the market can be very … profitable … or not …