EVE Online: Titan Completion

Ascendant Frontier has completed construction of a titan. My corp, Ars Caelestis, is one of the member corps, but we had no idea this was happening - we’ve only got one capital ship, and it’s just a piddly carrier. Nevermind that we can’t use the clone vats, jump portal generator or doomsday weapon…it’s pretty awesome. Ridiculous sum of in-game lucre spent on this thing.


Neat video of the thing in-game:


Fucking awesome! Only 631 days to go until I can fly one of those!

Yeah, my training time to be an alternate titan pilot is around 208 days…um…no. Of course, Cyvok has like eight accounts so that probably mitigates his training time woes.

Looks like a giant penis carved out of a log.

Yeah, but you want one right ?

The biggest log ever. Plus, you can dock there!

Pretty impressive. How’s that thing fare in combat? I mean, is it like a Star Destroyer or is it just a big bulk carrier or what?

Hmm, the thread on the official forums seems to be a long string of congratulatory messages. So what can the thing do in practice?

So is a titan like a player controlled deathstar? Eater of planets or what?

Also, is it bigger than a starbase? Or is this thing a lot more involved than building a station?

Honestly, right this second, not much of anything. ASCN just has a history of EVE-O firsts to keep up. The ship would, when fully operational, allow you to move an entire fleet across several systems without the use of jump gates. It would let you dock ships and install clones, allowing you to clone-jump to the ship and undock, fully combat-ready, at a moment’s notice. The superweapon can be remotely activated on any cyno field (jump point, basically) in the same system, with superweapony results - big area of effect damage, lots of dead enemies. Basically, it’s a mobile logistics point slash giant siege weapon.

Those things eclipse the screen. Much, much larger than a starbase, IIRC.

Yes, much larger than a player-owned structure, although smaller than an Outpost, maybe. Considerably more expensive than one, though.

So it doesn’t have like a zillion turrets to blast away at close range stuff or something?

No, EVE caps out the number of guns on any particular ship at 8, so you don’t see much of that kind of thing. I think it’s a shame; I’d love it if my battleship could mount anti-fighter weapons and not completely compromise its offensive firepower.

Linked because it’s fucking huge but there’s a scale comparison.

nutsak, I take it you still play? What’re you into?

Nah, it would require too much of a change in the balance of the game to get anyone to fly frigates again if they could do that. Although maybe if they nerfed nosferatus and energy neutralizers it might sorta balance out in the end…

Man, didn’t realize they were that big. My corp just built our first Charon, I thought that was getting up there (is that even really a capital ship?).

Anyway, would be cool to see what the Titan can eventually do.

Yeah, I’m not suggesting it seriously. And no kidding. What’s up with no tracking on those weapons?

At the moment I’m saving up to get myself a big ass miner. I’ve been working my way towards building shit - I’ve got a pretty full on “Real World” life so being able to set up builds and sales while I’m at work is pretty good.