Even I have to say "This is stupid" (WOW)

So now if a BG doesn’t last 10 minutes, the losers get nothing. Again, giving up control of content to guilds. Forget a PUG in AB, forget trying to learn and still progress, that is just hosed. I can see this for AV, but it kills anything but guild vs guild in AB and prolly WSG.

Just stupid.


Probably done to combat “BG farming”… although I think it kind of sucks I dont remember the last time any BG I was in lasted less than 10 minutes.

Apparently quite a few on my servers last under 10 minutes because of the disparity between well geared horde gank groups and random conglomerations of alliance dipshits.

i agree, it’s stupid. if the bg doesn’t last 10 minutes, neither side should get anything.

on the flip side, i’ve only been in one bg that lasted less than 10 minutes ever, and that was because the horde guys left/dropped out of the bg to the point that we were getting spammed with a server message saying the bg would end w/o enough players.

Thats pretty much exactly it. We had quite a few people on our server doing that and really who cares its just 10 min its not that long. I have also never been in one that lasted less then 10min.

Yes I think this one sounds more draconian than it really is. Even when I’ve been on the wrong end of a good kicking, the BG has lasted longer than 10 minutes. I just hope most players aren’t panicked by it into behaving the way way Lorini fears.

I could certainly go with both sides not getting anything, that would be fair. I was in a PUG in AB that lasted 9 minutes, we were getting killed by a very organized guild.

We’ll see how it goes. I do believe that if it does significantly cut down AB participation, they may look at it again.


Yeah, it’s quite rare that you’ll lose a BG in <10 minutes if your team isn’t all afk. I never really liked the idea of honour for losing, so for it to be tweaked is no big deal for me, and people can ruin the smaller BGs by trying to speed-lose.

Now, if they could make AV not last 8 hours, that’d be just peachy.

even a crappy pug in AB should be able to hold off a clued team for 10minutes.
not much OVER 10 minutes… but at least 10 minutes.

If they can’t they don’t deserve anything.

This change could cause Alterac Valley to be the battleground of choice now because it’s the only one that’s almost guaranteed to last well over 10 minutes.

Also, from what I understand, the only bonus you’re missing out on is that which is granted through the Mark of Honor, which is the little reward trinket that’s given out at the end of each run and can be cashed in (in groups of three) for a little reputation bonus. All the other forms of gaining reputation/honor in BGs is going to function just like it has before.

I’ve played more than a little bit of AB and WSG. It’s very very rare that I see a game last than 10 minutes and I don’t think I’ve ever seen it happen unless there was one team was 4-5 players down. This includes rabble vs. guild games.

Here’s the dev’s reasoning for this (and now I understand better)

[i] I just spoke with Kalgan, and he explained the reasoning behind this change.

As you know, there are several groups out there who are very good at their particular Battleground, and seeing such a group on the opposite team when you’re in a pick-up group can be discouraging. For some, this means they don’t even try to win; they AFK out or fish until such time as the Battleground ends, get their token, and go back into the queue.

This change is meant to encourage groups of all skill levels to put in effort towards winning. Maybe you can hold one or two bases in Arathi Basin; maybe you can keep them from grabbing three flags in ten minutes with a good defense. The idea is to give players incentive to try and fight rather than give up before the match truly gets going.[/i]

From Caydiem.


I love the fact that I played World of Warcraft off and on for a year (very casually obviously) and I have no idea what PUG, AB, AV and WSG is.

PUG is known from a few games (not just MMOs) - Pick Up Group (ie a group of random people).

AB, AV, WSG - the three Battlegrounds (Arathi Basin, Alterac Valley, Warsong Gulch).

Stop feeding him lies. PUG is a playable dog race they added in a patch.

Barring the loser’s Mark, is there even any other way of gaining rep in AB/WSG without being the one to constantly tag the flags?

As for AB matches lasting less than 10min – I’ve been in more than a few of those. Though I can’t always be certain if it was from honor farming or from that bad of coordination.

Apparently, the new patch is bugged and losing teams are getting nothing, regardless of the duration of the match.

Barring the loser’s Mark, is there even any other way of gaining rep in AB/WSG without being the one to constantly tag the flags?[/quote]
Quests also boost reputation. I think there are other ways of gaining reputation as well because I rarely cap flags nor do I do quests all that much and yet my rep still goes up… at least in Arathi. I don’t do Warsong all that much. And in Alterac, turn-ins seem to be the primary way of gaining reputation.

A PUG will never beat an organized group, and will often lose in less than 10 minutes. But the more you discourage PUGs from forming, the less people are exposed to the BG, and the less likely it is that those people will eventually form organized groups of their own. And when two organized groups face off, the BGs are actually a lot of fun.

The most fun I ever had in Alterac Valley was a couple of very close matches in which an organized group I was in lost to an organized opposition. I’ve also been in matches where my organized group beat the crap out of PUGs. Those netted me far more honor and reputation, but were far less enjoyable.

The thing Blizzard should really be doing is encouraging PUGs to play PUGs, and organized groups to play organized groups. It disappoints me that Blizzard’s “solution” to this problem is to penalize people for playing with strangers. And it’s especially disappointing when you see that, six months after its release, nothing has been done to stop AV players going AFK in the foothills to leech honor. If they want to get serious about stopping rep farmers, they should get serious. Otherwise, they shouldn’t pretend to be upset that people are getting rep for no work, when it’s clear that their real problem is that players are getting rep for no work too quickly. This is “making the game longer at the expense of players” in its most transparent form.

A skill ranking system would not be a big deal to implement, where your individual performance was tracked in battlegrounds and then teams of roughly equal ability would face off against each other.

The big problem currently however is the multiple battlegrounds and the low number of players per server, thus resulting in the low number of players per battleground. If server population could be doubled or tripled the “skill rank” system would be a lot easier to effectively implement.