Ever get an urge to finally play a game that came out a long time ago?

Yeah, that was my first thought.

I played through the OC of NWN2 when it first came out & thought it was super-peachy keen. But I just haven’t been able to force myself to play MotB, even though I got it the first week it came out. I had graphical glitches when it first installed, and that just killed my desire… even though I have since fixed the glitches.

So to answer the OP… no. Although I really wish I would.

Yes. I had a crazy urge to play Might and Magic this summer so I played through Darkside of Xeen. It was wonderful.

Also, I’m playing Mercenaries right now on my 360. Other than the random crashes and strange graphic glitches it’s great!

I replayed Icewind Dale a few months ago, and now I’ve just restarted IWD2. Those are considerably older than the games you mention. I still haven’t played Ultimate Alliance, but I plan to. Is that now going on the old list because it’s been out for a few months?

I bought Pokemon Snap on the Wii VC and played it for the first time. Does that count?

Every few months or so I get an urge to replay Starcontrol 2 again. Also while the game is not technically old, I like to replay Killer 7 every few months.

Last month I started to replay EarthBound for the Snes again and got pretty far in it.

I want to play Ubisoft’s first Prince of Persia

Beautiful, beautiful game. One of the greats. Though climbing the tower of the sun may make you rip out your brain with a crochet hook so when you’re flopping around on the floor being all like ‘guuuuggghhhh’, don’t say i didn’t warn you.

Which has been remade in a gorgeous new edition for XBLA.


I have Populous 2, Star Control 2, and Master of Orion 2 on my computer right now.

Populous 2 is timeless. The other two also maybe kinda sorta.

How was populous? I remember trying it out on the Snes so many years ago but it was abit over my head at the time.

I play old games all the time. When a sequel comes out like UT3, it makes me go back and play the one I already have.
Current ‘old’ crop- just looking at desktop shortcuts-
SW:Republic commando/empire at war/battlefield or battlefront whatever it is called.
company of heroes
Sin- found my old disk, never finished it… and honestly there is some killer level design in it.
Battlefield 42-2142
Halo I
And just did a full run through Wing commander 3 in Nov. Still awesome after all these years. Graphics can be painful, but everything else rocked.

Edit: where did you find populous ?? Simply one of the greatest games of all time. I’d play that again.

I just fired up KOTOR for the first time last month. Have had it since a month after it came out.

Hehe I meant Sands of Time, but that looks great, too!

Yeah, that was a great game. My brother, sister, and I spent hours trying to figure it out. I don’t think my sister has ever been interested in a game before or since, but she craved melty villager just as much as anyone.

And you had to love promoting prophet after prophet as they got munched or melted or fell into earthquakes or whatever.

I bought it last month and it was fun. really good game.

FYI, Ubisoft released a free, ad-supported version of Sands of Time on the PC a couple of months ago that you can download directly from them.