Ever played Warhammer 40k Epic?

I always wanted those asses at Games Workshop to realise some of their shit on PC as it was ment to be, however I am probably just one lunatic with weird dreams.

This is my crutch now, what do you think?

I think I will support this one, however I am not very hopeful.

I never played the tabletop game, but I thought Final Liberation was pretty fantastic in 1997. The UI is more than a little dated now, but I would imagine that the gameplay would still hold up if you were actually able to dig up a copy.

Played it tons, it wasn’t very balanced, but it was great fun.

I’m hoping for this game, it could be very cool…if done right.

Done right = lots of toys, purchase point system…duke it out.

Epic: Armageddon these days is pretty well balanced. There’s been a ton of work done on the rules and the armies by the guys at TacComs and Epic-UK. They are ultra-nerdy and the arguments over army balance are something to behold :)