Ever stop to wonder what is really happening to the Internet



Gots to get me some of that free all you can steal Internet these guys are defending.


I pay close to $100 a month for my TV and Internet now.

that’s orwell’s opinion, not yours.

This article smells like selective quoting, but Tauzin’s committee website doesn’t have transcripts up yet to check. Pah.

So these companies put up all this neat new data and services and expect you to pay for it? I’m shocked… SHOCKED at the concept.

And what’s to stop you from setting up your own website? Oh yeah, your big fat lazy ass.

Exactly Bago.

I especially hate those retarded “limiting viewpoints” arguments about Television media. Those 500 channels are all saying the same thing? Wow, news to me.

And how devious of ISPs to want to offer more service for more money and less service for less money. Why, in that situation people who might not otherwise be able to affords highspeed internet access will sign up, and people who are heavy users but want more bandwidth will be able to buy up. Scandalous, I tell you!

Comcast has been making noise in various regions about raising bandwidth caps and offering lower rungs. Wow, I might get twice my current bandwidth for what I’m paying now? WHY WON"T CONGRESS STOP THESE BASTARDS!!!

You guys are probably right!

I guess we have no worries, afterall this is America.

that’s orwell’s opinion, not yours.[/quote]

My opinion might happen to agree with Mr. Orwell’s.

flylow, I have learned one thing from TV. When you are taking up the fight against the oppressive corporate fat cats in washingon - you need to communicate with puppets. Maybe that is why we aren’t agreeing with your points, not enough puppets.


IMO, there are too many sheep in the world.

I think your trust in the US keeping the internet uncommercial seems… odd.

Thats it Flylow - We are all sheep, those corporate suits are ruling the world, man! Time to rise up and take back the power for the people! Down with schemes that pay for the infastructure, dude did you see the matrix? It is just like that, but this time the suits are the computers and the matrix is the Internet and you are just like Carrie-Anne Moss, but with smaller tits.


I’m not sure that it’s safe to assume his are smaller, Chet.

If they’re all owned by 3 companies?