Ever wondered what life is like in the Frop Bog?


For those who haven’t been around for 5+ years you’d have no idea what a “Frop Bog” is, long history :)
Video starts a bit slow but gets better… complete with WWFF* later in the vid
"World Wrestling Federation of Frogs"


Yes I’m a dork.

What will happen if I drill small holes in a flatscreen monitor?

Wow. That’s way more elaborate than I thought.


I’ve never seen a bunch of tame frogs, this is super cool.

Are they all the same species?


A thousand non opposable thumbs up. What a wonderful space you built, and watching them is so fascinating. I had no idea wrestling was a thing for frogs!


Yep they’re all Rana clamitams (Green Frog species).

Last year there was a pair wrestling that started in the middle of the canal bog, wrestled down to the waterfall, went up and over it, and continued into the pond. Was hilarious.


wow Jeff, that is so peaceful!

You’ve really built a special place. Incredible!

Later in the video you mention “when mating kicks into overdrive” and I was wondering how many baby tadpoles you get and what do you do with all the frogs that mature from them?


This is amazing! I want to hang out in the Bog.


We usually end up with two really good egg clusters than we can see (could be more). I’ll do a video of tadpoles later, but they have to fend for themselves. There’s plenty of algae to feed on, but it still takes two years for them to mature from tadpoles to baby frog stage, so it’s a long arduous journey to reach adulthood. I would guess right now between the pond, canal bog, and winter bog there are at least 100 large tadpoles and countless smaller ones. Unfortunately we lose a lot of them to predation, the baby frogs as well. Grackles are some of the worst offenders along with raccoons and possums.


You should consider setting up a web cam that just Livestreams the bog 24/7.


That’s awesome Jeff! I admit I was hoping for a wider shot to see the full extent of the FB, but it is definitely your Happy Place (and theirs too, clearly).


I’ll be doing that :)


Look at that, that’s beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

See, at least some thing in the world is completely right.

@jpinard would you please keep posting these now and then?


Certainly. And thank you :)


You’ve done a tremendous job on the frop bog. Thanks for sharing the video


Jeff they definitely recognize you. Can you give frogs treats? I realize I actually have no idea what frogs eat, day to day.


Treats for them is the normal food we came up with - Red Wigglers and Crickets. If I find a grasshopper in the yard somewhere I’ll catch it and bring it to them. We used to buy all the worms and crickets from pet stores or bait shops, but that gets expensive, so this year we’re raising their food ourselves.


There is just something about holding a frog in your hands that is so satisfying. It’s like ASMR.


My nieces love doing that. I think you’re right as I never thought about it from that angle. Of course when they suddenly jump it shatters the calm lol.



You need some red sliders, unless of course they would eat the frogs. :)