Everquest 18th Anniversary

Everquest turned out to be most peoples choice for “most engrossing game” in that thread below, so if anyone is nostalgic for replay or tour of your old haunts, you can now do so with an upgraded Heroic character, as Everquest is now 18.

You’ll have to have an existing account. Heroic characters is an upgrade to level 85, with a few bags of armour, weps, mounts, cash and full AA. With an 85 you can solo nearly all content for the first 15 or so expansions, which is so much content Im still working my way through it after a few years of casual/occasional play. It’s ugly as hell and the UI is antiquated, but the world design and setting is still engaging.

I agree with the “Most engrossing game” consensus. So much to say about this game, so much time spent. Loved it, till I didn’t and left. But have endless fond memories.

No interest exploring the world as a heroic character (legit characters or bust, dammit), but I still log in a couple times a year (as free-to-play, with my genuine 1999 account and old school characters) for no other reason than nostalgia trips to old haunts.

Ive rolled a few characters since playing it again and got them to 50ish, but the Heroic is well worth it as a lot of AAs provide convenience, utility and ease of use and generally running around old content. There are bits I can’t do still due to group required (certain instanced raids/zones) and even Gates of Discord onwards raids that are just too tough for a 86 ranger but there’s enough to keep you occupied.

A while back I spent a few years playing on the test server, which was…sort of ridiculous really. You had full account status, even if you weren’t a subscriber, so I 3 boxed every possible combo known to man up to about level 85ish. It was a ton of fun, and many exploration and sight seeing tours were done. I think I have finally seen most of what there is to see in EQ, and I got to a few places I never managed back in the day.

I have to say, 3 boxing was really really fun, especially exploring all the different 3 box combos, which one was best etc…man, hundred and hundreds of gaming hours entirely for free.

I wonder if they have clamped down on the test server yet, as it was really silly. There were never any wipes, so it’s not like you ever lost anything.

I’m still in a top 5 raiding guild, on Bristlebane. 18 years, damn, time flew by!

I have no idea how people come back to this game after absences, but they do.

The first week is no fun lol. Getting used to everything and getting all your keybinds and interface set back up, and sifting through all the AAs etc…yah… Once you get over the mechanical part of it, it all comes back pretty easy though.

so is my character still there if I haven’t played since the Daybreak acquisition? How do I get access to it? I can see that my old server was merged to Tunare, but I logged in and went to the Tunare server and it’s not there. Unsurprisingly I guess, since I don’t know how Daybreak would connect me with my SOE account, but is there something I can do?

Are you logged in on your original account? I had quite a few EQ accounts, so had to fish around a bit. You can go to the DBG website, and click on forgot character name at the login screen, and they will send a list of all the names tied to whatever e-mail you used to originally sign up with that account.

as far as I can tell I only had one character and one account. It sent me that account name, I was able to log in, but it doesn’t seem to have my character on the server I expected.

Try a few other servers? My original server Innoruuk doesnt show on the list and my chars (only those over 10 levels) ended up on Erosili Marr.

If your char was under 10 it was wiped years ago.

There’s a list of server merges at https://help.daybreakgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/231264868-Server-Merge-History which points me to Tunare. And I don’t know why I said that last night about one character, I had a 65? 70? enchanter, a 50ish SK, and probably some other dorks.

The one thing I will say, is that if you haven’t played for a while, it’s really fast to level to 60+ now…like…you can do it in one day with mercs… If you can’t find your old characters, starting over isn’t a horrible idea anyway. Going through the tutorial will net you better gear than you used to get in raids :P

You missed it, they will boost one of your toons to 85 just for logging in

Well, just logged on to 3 of my main accounts and got 3 level 85 heroic characters going on Vox lol. Time for more sightseeing I guess :P

I was going to pass on this, but eh, why not? I wouldn’t mind seeing what has changed. Last time I logged into EQ was during the 10th anniversary event, and the last time before that was early 2004.

Are necros still decent? Does the heroic upgrade include spells? Is acquiring spells even a thing anymore? I just read that it includes spells, so nevermind on that.

Necros are still great.

The heroic character gets you a full set of armor and accessories, all spells, a mount, 2 big bags, 5k plat, and a ton of AA.

Anyone have an active guild? I have a character slot /upgrade open.

So tempted… So as a L85 Heroic Rogue I could solo everything (raids, planes, etc.) through Planes of Power or so? Tempting to go after some masks. =)

I was browsing through MMOs on Steam two or three years ago trying things out, and was able to dig up my Everquest account, and found I still had a level eleven ranger on one of the servers, so yesterday I hopped into the game for the second time in the 21st century to grab the heroic upgrade.

I’m pretty well decided on making myself a necromancer frog-man this week when my wife is out of town.

Like I said, I’m in a end zone raiding guild, so there’s not much chance of me extending you guys invites, sorry! If you wind up on Bristlebane and need a hand coin wise or just advice, I’m on Kadath most nights.