Everquest article on slashdot

hehe, fun and interesting read. Make EQ gamers sound like Lemmings :D

EQ players ARE lemmings, Derek.

Heh, funny how he never realizes that the frustration of the game keeps him playing. The desire to beat it, to show Sony you can get everything despite all the crap they throw your way.

Great story Derek. This is a good example of why I will never pay to play an MMOG.

Great article. To sum up:

“I lack self-control and am a masochist, and Sony makes me pay them to play a game I hate.”

Film at 11.

Not that you don’t have to be a masochist to use Linux as an everyday desktop OS.

heh, well, uhm thats why guys like me use SuSE with the KDE shell interface :D

I read this article through Penny Arcade and just felt it was the whining attempts of one bitter user to hurt Sony/Verant by bitching in a place he hoped would matter.

He talks about how awful the game is, but never provides any real supporting info. I tend to think that whenever someone says “Lots of people…” and then a complaint, it’s not as many people as they’d like you to believe.

The game “rewards you for the amount of time you put into it”, which is supposedly a mark of the beast. Doesn’t pretty much everything in life reward you for how much you put into it? Aren’t there platitudes like “You get out of life what you put into it” and “Nothing worth having is easy”? Aren’t pro athletes rewarded for how much time they put in? What job promotes staff who work half-assed 30 hours a week over the guy who busts his ass and puts in the overtime? Jesus, man, it sounds like you want to spend 2 hours a month in the game and be hearlded as the greatest ever for it.

He complains at one point that “the game can’t be beaten”. Well, duh. It’s not some hidden facet of the game that it can’t be beaten, you know that going in. Isn’t it a selling point of MMORPGs?

As for his whole rant about camping, that’s also nothing new. Old text MUDs had it, and until some solution comes about, every MMORPG will have it. There’s some reason (usually the mob drops something special) to keep something from being constantly available yet everyone thinks the world should exist solely for their pleasure. It’s like complaining that you couldn’t get into the opening showing of The Two Towers, because there were all these people lined up for days to see it. Granted, I realize there are some more egregious examples of being a dick while camping, but the tone of this “article” is more whiny then journalistic

To top it all off, this guy after having spent paragraphs telling you how awful the game is and to stay away, signs off by telling you he’s level 62 like it’s a badge of honor.

I don’t know why this rubbed me the wrong way so much. I’ve never played EverQuest (not because of any warnings of terrible support, mind you), but I played DAoC for 4-6 months with much enjoyment. I guess I just have a very low tolerance for stupid whiners. I know there’ve been a lot of problems/complaints/whatever with EQ and support and such, but how bad can it really be if it’s still popular and selling expansions and such? Granted, the ones who bitch and the volume with which they do it tend to be the ones who take it the game far too seriously so maybe I should take this whole rant with some salt.

“I don’t know why this rubbed me the wrong way so much. I’ve never played EverQuest (not because of any warnings of terrible support, mind you), but I played DAoC for 4-6 months with much enjoyment.”

Here’s the difference. You played DAoC and quit when you grew tired of it, I presume. The MMOG addicts reach that point and keep playing, and naturally develop some bitterness about their obsession. It’s like a drunk being angry about drinking during moments of sobriety.

I suppose that’s it. I’d be just as irritated about Joe Drunk wanring everyone to stay away from alcohol in his moments of sobriety before hitting a 12 pack again.

Though it’s not that I got tired of DAoC, I just didn’t have time to play it (started going back to school, and ended up working from home at night most of the week to keep from being poor).

That you dropped it due to time constraints tells me you would have dropped it as soon as it grew tiresome, and it would have at some point. The MMOG addict would have changed jobs, flunked out of school, sufferered sleep deprivation, etc., to keep on playing.

  • Shrug *

You vote with your wallet. Calling it an “addiction” is a weak attempt to pin it on Sony. The players must be getting something out of it.

Well, I think there’s more then just the end points of “drop as soon as it becomes uninteresting” and “will sacrifice everything to play”, and I put myself in that area. I’m not argueing the point that there comes a time when MMORPGs (or DAoC in specific) become less interesting, but I found in my time with DAoC that the “interesting” was in direct proportion to the people I was playing with. I found groups that worked well, and kicked some tail. I also found groups that sucked ass and tried to kill mobs well out of their league. I never got to the RvR phase, even.

That article spells out how to dethrone EQ. The best part about this industry is that it will never happen until EQ dies of natural causes. I love cash cows.


Typical SlashDot article.



My job.

Funny thing is, it’s not even slightly satisfying to have this happen to you. It feels crappy in fact. In my case, it’s mostly because I’m able to do things very quickly, while some others have struggled a lot.

I dunno dannimal…I think you’re a bit out of touch with corporate reality. Perception over reality has been standard operating procedure at every job I’ve worked at since graduating college.

As far as EQ goes…it was interesting to see what crazy stuff goes on, but I have no sympathy for the doophuses that keep playing the game long after all the joy has been sucked out of it.

I was playing Starfox for the GCN a few weeks ago, and about halfway through I just said “you know what, I’m not enjoying myself anymore.” So I traded it in, got 20 bucks and bought Sea Trader: Rise of the Taipan for the GBA instead.

Pretty simple really.

Found this article in one of the comments. Maybe nothing new to those of you who’ve played MMORPGs, but I haven’t, so it was pretty interesting.

In all fairness, I think a lot of folks get pissed at EQ without going to anything like those levels of disfunction. It was simultaneously a great and aggravating game.

It seems to have immunized me, though. I’ve tried MMOGs since, but I have never been able to summon much enduring interest. I still follow them, and I’ll probably try Star Wars Galaxies, but I don’t have a lot of hope I’ll play for long. Wonder if that is the common pattern?

My pattern has been that I have less patience with each new MMOG I get hooked on. I played EQ for nearly two years, DAoC for about one year, and AC2 I’m probably going to ditch after a couple of months. I doubt the Star Wars game would hold my interest longer than 6-12 months unless all the non-combat activities are interesting (and the space combat shows up and is fun). Same with EQ2 and WoW. I’m looking forward to all of these, but I can’t imagine playing any of them for longer than a year.

And since they’re all coming out this year, I’ll probably play most of them for no more than a few months. It’s difficult to play more than one at a time, though SWG at one time was promised to be a game that casual gamers could play a couple of nights a week and still be within shouting distance of the hardcore MMOG players.

“Wonder if that is the common pattern?”

It is for me. I got hooked into EQ for the first 6 months it was out including about 5 to 6 hours a day during the summer. Got into AC 1 for about 5 months but put in maybe 1/3 the hours of EQ. DAOC lasted 2 months.