Everquest for the PS2 released today

I have been hearing decent things about this and I had considered picking it up. I figure if it is Everquest on the television, the missus is more likely to want to get involved with it (still not sure if this is a good thing since she is a recovering Animal Crossing addict). Before I do so, though, a couple of questions:

Anyone else hear anything good or bad about this?

I am pretty strong with computer hardware, but am a total n00b-rube with networking. I have broadband in the house and of course use it on my pc. I have only one cable type outlet thingy in my family room where the PS2 is located, so if I was to buy a broadband adapter, what kind of voodoo magic do I need to get this setup to run?

I was in the beta, and gave it a resounding “meh” after playing it.


Basic graphics, very simple play style, even less to do besides beat the crap out of mobs than in the pc version. It does have some nice class specific quests, and does take some of the irratations of out the game.

If you have ever played a MMORPG before, it will be resoundingly similar to ever other. It may be a good one for an initiate though. It does a smoother leveling curve, and a lot less downtime.

If you do buy this, you must buy a usb keyboard. Online communication is a hassle without it.

As for networking, if you have a cable modem, just connect the networking cable from the cable modem to the back of the ps2, after peeling off the sticker. If you need to share the networking with a pc, you’ll need a router. You can get a 4 port Linksys at best buy for about $70, last I checked.

I saw the TV ad on Sci-Fi. I wish I hadn’t.

Basic graphics? I think the graphics look like ass. They look about like the 5 yr. old computer game, which is not a good thing. The animations are stilted, the textures are fuzzy, and the models look like picasso renderings.

No idea about the gameplay, which might be fine, but I doubt it will get near the subscribers that the PC version gets because online console games just aren’t there yet (lots of people are still looking for the network adapter).

I agree the graphics look frekin ass! It looks like lego land out there!!

If weak sales of Sims Online are any indication, then I think the likelihood of online gaming meaning much of anything among the casual gamers (most console gamers) is pretty much nil. These online console games are experiments for the most part. They simply can’t hope to reach millions, maybe not even hundreds of thousands, ugly graphics or not…


If Everquest:PS2 bombs, it could prove that MMORPGs just don’t make for good impulse-buy products.

Did I hear right about EQ on the PS2, it’s actually not online?

And it’s called, Online Adventures or something like it?

It is online. But it’s not cross compatible with the ‘real’ EQ.