Everquest - Iraq Raid

Everquest - Iraq Raid

France: Yeah, we veto. No guildies go to Iraq.

US: What about you, Russia.

Russia: Well, if everyone else goes, it’s ok, but if France and Germany say no, then that’s cool.

US: Jeebus. Dood, show some balls. You used to lovegoing on raids.

Russia: Yeah, but that Afghanistan raid a while back was a disaster. Total group wipe-out.

US: Yeah, but you were in different alliance, man. This is different. Besides, we pwn3d last time wewent on Iraq raid.

France: Doesn’t matter. I say no.

Spain: .tell US doesn’t matter if France doesn’t go anyway, he just feigns death anytime he sees combat. He’s a bu77munch. Lives next door to me.

Spain: Oops. MT.

France: Oh yeah? Well you skipped that WWII raidcompletely.

Spain: Only cuz I’d just come back from dueling, was too tired to raid. Besides, you died in first wave, spent the rest of the raid licking dirt and whining.

France: …!..

US: Guys, c’mon. I’m trying to put this thing together, here… look, I don’t care what France says. I’m going, and anyone who wants to come with me can. China, you in?

China: shrug Don’t feel like it.

US: Ok…

North Korea has challenged you to a duel! Type /duel accept to accept or /duel decline to decline the challenge.