Everquest: Rain of Fear

That’s right, SOE has just announced the 20th expansion pack for Everquest, Rain of Fear. My wife and I are still playing so I’m looking forward to seeing what they pull together. Storywise it builds off of the past two expansions (HoT and VoA). The biggest thing in the announcement to me is they’re finally introducing an offline trading system.

It’s not new and it’s not shiny, but I still find it a fun game that’s worth spending time with.

I played EQ for years. Actually met me wife playing the game (still together 11 years later). We recently tried to go back and, frankly, couldn’t figure out what the heck was going on. I forgot how much of the game you have to just “know”, like all the slash commands, how to make macros, etc… And there are all the new currencies that I still don’t know what they are, how to get them, or what they are for.

Would love to see Sony do a UI facelift on the game. I would likely come back if they did. I don’t mind the dated graphics, but the severely dated controls are what keep me away.

Oldschool Innoruuk Server represent!

Any idea when they are going to announce the next Everquest game?

On EQNext:
“The earliest we are currently considering that we might reveal info is late this year.” He also noted that old screenshots should be disregarded as they had no relevance to the game in its current state."


Good God, 20 expansions.

Which can all be had for the low low price of $20 (when Amazon runs one of their frequent EQ DD sales). When it’s available anyway.

Oh, I’ll never play EQ again. Very negative memories about that game. I was just marvelling that they hit such a milestone. Twenty expansions! It’s extraordinary.

Cazic Thule -> Ayonae Ro -> Tribunal -> Bristlebane. Kadath hit 13 years old on August 29th with over 635 days played. Anyone going to Fan Faire, er SOE Live (barf)?

OK I’m curious Shellfishguy. What do you do in an MMORG that’s this old that you’ve played for so long?

Don’t you dare step on my blue suede shoes!!

Every once in a while I still toy with the idea of going back and checking out what’s new since the last time I played seriously. But then the learning curve of doing all the research needed to find out what’s actually new and important, relearning how to play my class, trying to find people, and catching up in levels starts to look like a cliff wall…

We’ve taken long breaks along the way so there are whole expansions we’ve never touched. Plus nostalgia for the old zones keeps us messing around with alts. Our current batch of characters are all just about 95, and of course with EQ there is the alternate advancement system. Each class has various abilities they can spend AA points on, with each class needing to spend 7k+ AA points to max them out. EQ is one of those games where there is always something to do since there is so much content. There are a ton of items from the old expansions with click effects or mission series that give you stat boosts that are always worth doing for a new character.

When we came back earlier this year we ran into some old friends and that really has been the main driver for this go round. That and all the little quality of life enhancements they’ve done over the years to make the game a little less punishing than it was in the old days. Not to mention that we were able to use bonus SC events and marketplace sales to get a year gold sub for about $3 a month, which unfortunately can’t be done anymore.

Just as an FYI, all the expansions up to the latest one (currently VoA) are unlocked for all players free or paid.

If by “up to the latest one” you mean up to and including House of Thule, I believe you’re right. VoA must still be purchased afaik (as per their fee matrix, and until RoF releases anyway). And let’s not even get into all the other crazy restrictions for anything but the $15/mo gold accounts.

Also, it’s doubtful anybody willing to put in the time required to get anywhere in EQ will want to run around as a purely F2P player any higher than level 65 or so, given the massive equipment and spell restrictions that start around those levels. So although they claim there are 17 free expansions, you’re in for a rough frustrating ride for half of those, given how hobbled your gear will be. There is still tons and tons and tons and tons of content from 1 to 65-70 though, before any of those issues really rear their ugly heads.

Yes that’s what I meant, sorry it wasn’t clear. You still need to buy VoA, but everything up to HoT is available. And I agree that if you’re planning on going to the higher levels that the ftp restriction do become harsher. Though if you’re the type who enjoys boxing multiple characters, running a silver account or two with your main account can be a a pretty good way around it. Though in the end gold really is necessary at the higher levels.

I’ve tried to play EQ again several times over the last … good grief it’s been 11 years since I stopped subscribing monthly… Anyway, every time, I can’t get past the archaic controls. They should really modernize the basic 3D movement system, it violates just about every standard used by every 3D game made nowadays, and though I had no problems with it 12 years ago, it hurts my brain to try now.

Didn’t they update the UI with the Shadow of Luclin expansion? But even that came out many years ago so I guess it might not have aged well.

SOE free to play is the biggest pile of shit in gaming.