Everspace 2 announcement trailer

Looks like another major update is out:


I’m scared to watch any video that came out today :(

Still a year away? Damn! Must resist temptation to jump in.

Oh also, this is currently getting review bombed on Steam because… Rockfish Games have expressed vocal support for Ukraine and material support for refugees. Which is where we’re at.

The game still has too many stars. ;)

Maybe literally - I hit the level cap while still on the second star (out of what, five?) and stopped playing.

Game’s been EA forever. Release, dudes!

They have been very clear on what they are doing, why they are going it, and how long it is going to take.

Agreed, it’s coming out next year and that’s fine by me.

Summer update is out.

How far is this away from launch? Must be close now

Early 2023…

Checked this out on Gamepass to see how it’s coming on. Flying and shooting feel nice and it looks great, but my video fans were seriously spinning. I had to limit to 30 fps to bring them back down to normal ish.

New GPU time!

For a moment there I thought this was actually released! But no, not until next year.

Huh, can’t say my GPU has ever found this particularly taxing, even with RTX on, but I have it on Steam. Might be different on GP.

Sounds like the final major update of early access is out now.

So exciting!

I just want them to get to 1.0 so I can start playing again without having to worry about a progress reset.

Girl, same.