Everspace 2 announcement trailer

Checked this out on Gamepass to see how it’s coming on. Flying and shooting feel nice and it looks great, but my video fans were seriously spinning. I had to limit to 30 fps to bring them back down to normal ish.

New GPU time!

For a moment there I thought this was actually released! But no, not until next year.

Huh, can’t say my GPU has ever found this particularly taxing, even with RTX on, but I have it on Steam. Might be different on GP.

Sounds like the final major update of early access is out now.

So exciting!

I just want them to get to 1.0 so I can start playing again without having to worry about a progress reset.

Girl, same.

Finally a 1.0 date! April 6.

Sweeeet. Hopefully it will still be Game Pass when it hits 1.0.

Trailer to go along with that release date announcement above.

No formal wipe, but not recommended to carry on a pre-1.0 save:

I’m early enough in the campaign that I’ll probably just start over.

Apologies if this is redundant, but it doesn’t seem like anything that’s been discussed in the last few years, which might be because everyone but me already knew! But I just started playing a review build of this after a brief press demo. It’s literally my first look at what Rockfish is doing with the sequel. I haven’t read any press or played the early access version, which has been available for some time.

So I had no idea that Everspace is no longer a rogue-like.

Instead, it’s now a once-and-done story-based campaign with some side quests and whatnot, and all the progression is just typical action-RPG stuff. One of the folks from Rockfish called it a “looter shooter”, which I guess is accurate, and works as shorthand for how Everspace 2 is entirely missing the original game’s framework. Since that rogue-like framework was a big part of the draw of the original for me – in terms of moment-to-moment space-sim gameplay, I’m partial to Rebel Galaxy Outlaw and House of the Dying Sun – I’m pretty bummed this framework has been replaced by a story campaign. :(

Stupidly, I didn’t even realize this until I was playing and got killed because I was using the wrong key for nanobots (healing). So when I died and got the prompt to reload the last checkpoint, something immediately went off in my head. “Reload”? “Checkpoint”? Hold on a sec, shouldn’t I be permadead? Isn’t this Everspace???

So I don’t think I’ll be playing this, but I do look forward to hearing what you guys think. As far as story-based space-sim action RPGs go, Everspace 2 seems, at the very least, perfectly cromulent and Rockfish certainly knows what they’re doing. Meanwhile, I’ve reinstalled the original Everspace and might try a new run.

Thanks for the heads up Tom, I myself prefer a campaign vs a rogue like, so I’ll probably end up enjoying it.

Also glad to see you playing and disliking video games again! :D

Indeed, not a roguelike at all. I had the exact opposite reaction and it’s one of my most highly anticipated titles. What I really want is more wing commander and it sounds somewhat similar if less structured. Not a sandbox, not roguelike, not a mining or merchant or courier sim.

Yeah, I’m very happy it is not a roguelike.

Having a campaign puts a bit more emphasis on the writing and plot and I didn’t get the impression from the bit I tried that that was going to be all that worthwhile. I suppose like any ‘open world’ game, you have to pick an choose among the main quest / interesting side stuff to make an experience that works for you.

The full release will still be on Gamepass right?

Yeah, I hope I didn’t come across as bagging on the game itself. I’m just so taken aback that they’ve abandoned what I had assumed was their main selling point: being a rogue-like. I trust they know their fanbase better than me, though, and I’m guessing they’ve been very upfront about dropping that for the sequel? I just didn’t know because I didn’t follow any of the marketing until last week.

But Everspace 2 seems fine if you don’t mind a story-based game – I can confirm the cutscenes are skippable : ) – and if you’re interested in a space-sim-flavored action-RPG, it certainly seems like it will fit the bill. Rockfish did fine with their loot variety and character/perk progression in the first game, and based on my brief playtime with this sequel*, it seems they’ve gotten more confident with the amount of detail in their combat model (damage types, buffs, debuffs, special abilities, all in the context of space-sim action). And, of course, put it in a fancier engine with bigger battles and bigger locations.

Aside from dropping the rogue-like structure, I’ve discovered another “me problem” with Everspace 2. I jumped back into Rebel Galaxy Outlaw and, sure enough, that game’s “hold to follow” dogfighting is just so addicting. It’s really hard to have to go back to doing my own turning fights. I’m concerned that Travis Baldree has ruined all other space-sims for me. What a jerk!

But when Everspace 2 comes out, if you guys start burbling enthusiastically about the combat and gear and missions and leveling up and whatnot, I’m fully prepared to be won over.

* which was probably nothing you guys haven’t already seen in the early access version

Oh, good point-- I’ll definitely miss that autoturning too. Maybe they can patch it in. Hope springs eternal.

I skipped the early access because unless it gets dismal reviews, I’m all-in on this game and want the finished product.

I loved the combat model in the first one, I assume the sequel is not radically different so I am very much anticipating this release. Autoturning I assume is the equivalent of baby mode? :p

Not at all. Every space sim ultimately ends up in an endless turning battle, and that gets old fast.

If you enjoy these games you owe it to yourself to try Rebel Galaxy Outlaw. It has by far the best space dogfighting I’ve ever played. Better than Tie-Fighter, Wing Commander, and Freespace 2.

I enjoyed those games much more due to their more structured narratives and (in T/F in particular) the intricate puzzles presented by each battle arena, but for dogfighting nothing touches RGO.