Everspace 2 announcement trailer

Let me rephrase then. I was able to invert, using an Xbox gamepad. What inputs were you guys using?


Ah, OK. That’s your first problem…

Just tested now, and no it doesn’t invert for me either with M+K. But honestly I don’t see how it could given the UI. You’re moving the aiming reticle, not your ship, so it would just be nonsensical inverted.

I didn’t play this long enough to find out, but in the first one there were many options for that kind of thing. I actually played in VR.

You don’t need to describe my preferences as nonsensical, even on the internet.

I tried with my 360 pad as well as m&kb, neither would invert. I’m with Alistair, m&kb works perfectly fine here. That’s how I played the original, I just find it more precise than the gamepad.

The control interface is completely bizarre and various things work or don’t at times for reasons I can’t decipher. I had inverted m&k y-axis, but couldn’t tell you how. I was actually thinking of resetting them later and making a new profile on my g13 using most of the default controls. But I know all that is probably long fixed. I’m not worried about them getting that stuff right.

One thing I absolutely loved is that it let me use one of my mouse buttons (which is set to ‘]’) as a modifier key. When I have that key pressed, wasd control roll and z-axis hover.

Maybe they are trying to invert the left and right directions?

Yeah it’s confusing as hell, but the pitch control is currently assigned to Y-axis mouse, and I can rebind it to that, with a little box underneath that says “invert”. However, if you click on Mouse & Keyboard in the menu one level above that, there’s another box there for inverting controls. I thought that might cancel out the other one or something, but I’ve tried each obvious combination and it makes no difference. Unless you have to launch a new game between each change, which would be silly. Same story with the controller but no dice either. Anyway, I’m totally sold on it anyway so I’d probably just rather wait until it’s finished, but what I played upside down was good. :)

I definitely got it to work. And yeah, pre-alpha or not, I love it. Just wished I had realized when they did the KS.

Played a bit more of this, got my brain around the inversion a bit more, had a blast. According to the dev on the Steam forums, the mouse inversion is broken in the menu (also the sensitivity) in the demo build, but it’ll all be fixed in the EA release in December. My brain gives up the ghost when I get into intense combat, always going up instead of down, but fortunately the second craft has a decent missile supply. Now I really want to play this. It reminds me of a cross between Everspace and Rebel Galaxy. I’d say it’s more the kind of thing I was hoping Rebel Galaxy Outlaw was going to be like.

I’ve spent several hours just looking around the very limited areas available in the prototype. There isn’t that much hidden stuff to find there, but there’s tons of it in the alpha. This makes me quite happy.

Btw, you Can invert the ‘pitch axis’ just not the ‘camera pitch axis’ but it behaves really strangely if you use that.

Are you playing the alpha? I would have kickstarted this if I had known about it, but I guess I can wait for EA.

No, but have watched a fair bit of footage from it. Yeah me too, and apparently there were multiple post-ks campaigns, the last of which ended just a couple of weeks before the alpha.

Still, the content in Alpha is just the Ceto system. More than the prototype, but still fairly limited. When they go into EA late this year, there will be much more content added. And they plan to be in EA for a year. So, as much as I’m excited for this, just as well to wait for EA

I assume the planetary combat is not present in the prototype, only the alpha onwards? I tried flying into the planet and it made it pretty clear that would be a bad idea.

Yeah, no planetary locations. Even in the final game, it will be specific places you can do that.

Played around a bit more, loving this even in prototype form. It’s just my thang, really. Also, the action camera is great.

Do they have focus/aperture/etc adjustments for that in the prototype? They do in Alpha and are going to be adding more features to the photo mode. Seems like something they are rather excited about.

It doesn’t look like it, unless they’re undocumented controls. Good to know they have built upon it.

@krayzkrok @Alistair

Though they hadn’t planned to do so, the prototype had been updated with a couple of tweaks, including the ability to invert controls. There’s also a gamma slider and a couple of graphics options can be disabled (chromatic aberration and motion blur.

We also have the first footage of in-cockpit view