Everspace - Rogue-lite space combat meets Unreal 4


Thanks for writing this up. I’ve been looking at it on the Xbone EA program, but haven’t bit yet. Hmmm.


I am tempted after watching stream this last night. It’s sort of Descent but as a rogue-like, and in asteroid fields and open spaces instead of in corridors.

And it is an Xbox Play Anywhere title, so $30 gets you the Win 10 version and Xbox version for one price, with a shared save game across platforms.


This game is indeed great. Thanks for the thread!


I’d swear there was a thread for this already. But I don’t see one.

I watched quite a bit of gameplay for this one a few months back. Loved the look of it, but felt it needed a bit more variety from run to run. Wonder if that has changed.


Great write up!


@Scott_Lufkin great thread! Not sure if you got to see Tom play this yesterday on the Qt3 stream, Tom is really good at this game, he said so! ;)

I have to admit it really does look fun, something to put on the wishlist and pick up later in the year for sure.

Also here is the Steam page for the game:

Space Game General All-Platform Thready Discussy Thing :)

I saw all your screenshots on Steam had comments off. I wonder if that’s because you didn’t want people calling you out for using the first person camera like a heretic. ;)

God I love this game.


That’s very strange - I like comments! I wonder if I flipped a switch by accident.

You know at the start the game asked me if I wanted 1st or 3rd and I picked 1st as I miss playing Elite Dangerous (but don’t want to buy up to the latest version and also re-learn how to play) and this kind of scratched that itch a little. But I completely forgot 3rd person was an option until I accidentally hit a key (I think it was “C”) and popped into it. I hit the key again and got back, but never tried to play that way. How is it better? Can you see around you better, I assume?

EDIT - What in the world? Sorry @BrianRubin you were somehow blocked on my friends list. I don’t have any idea why, I must have had a senior moment with the mouse at some point and never noticed. You’re unblocked!


So it has VR for 1st person? Sarah and I have been loving Subnautica in VR.


Why would anyone play a Descent-like game in 3rd person? I’ve never heard of such a thing before. I’m glad Tom didn’t do any of those shenanegans in last night’s stream.


It’s more Freelancer than Descent.


That’s not the impression I got from last night’s stream at all.


shrug in seven hours of play, I’ve never once thought this was like Descent.


You SON OF a…



Has @BrianRubin even played Descent? :p

I am totally getting a Descent vibe over a Freelancer vibe.


All three of them, mostly the second.


Yeah VR mode is cockpit only, controller only.

There are some complaints in the VR Requirements thread on Steam, so I’d maybe wait for a couple patches.


Fair criticism?


I mean, if you are playing this game for the story you’ve already failed, is the thing. That’s like getting upset at TOME because you are having a tough time seeing the ending? It’s about the gameplay - unlocking stuff to make your next runs a little easier is really just icing. The story sequences are nice and all, but they aren’t the main attraction. Not even the secondary attraction.


Story shmory, it’s about the moment to moment gameplay.